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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Late Winter Picks from JustFab: Chic looks for a budget price!

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Spring is just around the corner...but it sure does not seem like it with this crazy-cold winter weather. Yes, I am dreaming of warmer days ahead...but, for now, am just looking to perk up my winter wardrobe with some inexpensive essentials!

I adore these two finds from JustFab: the Ethan Black Stripe Tote and the Faith Black Tall Boot! I often find myself in my "Mommy Uniform": either jeans and a top or post-gym yoga-wear (ok, this even happens on non-gym days, lol). This adorable tote and boots from JustFab are just what I need to perk up my everyday Mommy wardrobe and make me look more sophisticated and put-together.
The Faith Boot:
This is a tall slightly western-inspired heeled boot. What makes it different is its very fetching contrasting brown ankle strap detail. This is exactly the type of detail that makes it stand out in literally a sea of black boots on the market. Plus, I love the twist of wearing black with brown. I mean, why have to choose between the two, lol! I also adore the slit on the top back with the exposed zipper. Very fashionable and totally fun to wear. I can pair these with either skinny jeans, leggings, or even dresses and skirts. Very versatile! 

The Ethan Tote:
There is just so much that I like about this bag...where do I begin? Well, I will tell you, at this point in my life I am looking for very large bags that can do double-duty as a handbag/diaper bag. I have both a 13 month old and a 3-year old. So, I have a ton of stuff to carry. From diapers, to Mommy-essentials, to snacks for my preschooler...I need a handbag with room to spare! This bag fits it all...and fits it stylishly! Plus, with the inexpensive price tag, I don't have to worry about if a sippy spills or if I am carrying snacks. I like that the handle drop is long enough for me to wear this over my shoulder. With a stroller clip, I am able to attach this to my strollers with ease!

As much as I am ready for Winter to end, I am just loving these late-Winter picks from JustFab. Plus, the Ethan Tote will transition perfectly into Spring (and comes in a blush color, too).

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