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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Find Your Glow with Pür Minerals: Blush, Compact Foundation, and Lip Gloss Sticks!

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Find Your Glow with Pür Minerals:
Have you ever explored the Pür Minerals line? It is one of my newest makeup obsessions! This is the first of many reviews you will see here on my blog about this fabulous line. I have had so much fun trying out a variety of products from this line!

To find out how I liked Pür Minerals' Chateau Cheeks Powder and Cream Blush, Air Perfection Cushion Compact Foundation, and the Lip Gloss Sticks, please click "read more" below!

Pür Minerals’ Chateau Cheeks Pressed Powder and Cream Blush and :  
Let me start off by telling you (if you didn't already know) that I am blush-obsessed! Blush is hands-down my favorite makeup item. So, you know I am so excited to try these beautiful blushes from Pür Minerals!

I tried 2 shades: Savvy Powder Blush (a beautiful cool-toned rose pink) and Coy Cream Blush (a lovely peachy apricot). These blushes pack amazing pigment and gorgeous color. I apply the powder blush with a light hand as it is so pigmented and a darker-toned blush. The cream blush I apply with my fingers and blend. It is smooth creamy and long-wearing. I am totally thrilled with both blushes! :)

Find your inner glow with the new Chateau Cheeks Pressed Powder Blush. Go one shade darker this season to highlight and accentuate features. Your cheeks will look and feel better with this anti-aging, paraben-free and gluten-free formula. ($18, 

Pür Minerals’ Lip Gloss Sticks: 
The Lip Gloss Sticks from Pür Minerals are simply so easy to wear! Just swipe on and you get moisture, shine, and color in just one step! I tried out two shades: Spiked Punch (a pretty bright hot pink) and Beach Bum (a peachy pink). These easy-to-wear Lip Gloss Sticks twist up from the bottom. I love how smooth my lips feel when I wear these. They come in 8 Shades and I would love to try em all! :)

Condition and color your lips with deep, bold shades like Berry Pretty, Rum Raisin and Game Day. ($16,

Pür Minerals’ Air Perfection Cushion Compact Foundation:
This foundation is just like the name is "Air Perfection"! I love the look of my skin with foundation. However, I don't like to "look" like I am wearing foundation. What can I say...I want it all, lol! I want my skin to look flawless; yet, I also do not want to look like I am wearing makeup. Well, I feel like this foundation really accomplishes this. This is a huge feat!

Now, don't let the color of the product in the pan dissuade you. When I first looked at this I thought, "wow, that looks way too dark"...but, it is not. The shade Light actually works really well on my fiar skin. :) 

I love the beautiful and natural looking coverage that this foundation gives. Plus, it really looks like you are almost not wearing anything. What a fun new way to wear makeup. You just lightly touch the sponge onto the spongy product in the pan and then dab it onto your face. It is that easy! I am more than a bit obsessed with this foundation!
This game- changing foundation is a lightweight mousse that gives your skin sheer to medium coverage without looking oily or greasy. ingredients provide skincare benefits to nourish your skin and improve your complexion. The blend of plant-based essential oils moisturizes skin, while the antioxidants and amino acids fight aging and damage. ($36,

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I just love these items that I tried out from Pür Minerals! The Pür Minerals Lip Gloss Sticks, Pressed Powder Blushes, and Air Perfection Foundation have become go-to products in my makeup routine! :) I just love 'em!!! Want to find out more about Pür Minerals? Stay tuned as I have a few more Pür Minerals reviews coming soon! Are you already a Pür Minerals fan? Please let me know what you like from the line! I would love to explore this line further and try some new things! 

As always, thanks so much for reading! Stay beautiful!!!

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