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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gracefully Grounded: Beauty Box Five November 2014 Box Opening!

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Hey Beauty Box lovers, it is that time again...time for my monthly Beauty Box Five Box Opening Post! As a huge fan of beauty sample boxes, I always eagerly await the arrival of my various box subscriptions. It is always interesting to see who has the "best box" each month. Not to mention, I love discovering all the new beauty products tucked inside! :)

What is Beauty Box 5?
Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe or full sized cosmetic samples to your door for $12 a month. When you subscribe to Beauty Box 5, each month you get a beauty box delivered right to your door! The boxes contain everything from makeup to beauty accessories to skincare, fragrance, bath & body items, and even nail products. Beauty Box 5 is a great way to discover new products or get yourself out of a cosmetics rut!

Want to find out what is in my Beauty Box Five box this month? Please click "read more" below!

This month's theme is "Gracefully Grounded".  Sometimes giving yourself time, even just an extra 10 minutes a day, is enough to balance you out and keep you grounded! Pampering yourself during your beauty routine is a great way to give some time back to yourself! So, why not indulge with some of these beauty items from your Beauty Box Five box!

Inside the Box:
  • Afterfeather | Refillable Travel Bottle (sample size: one bottle, full size is 2 bottle sfor $8.95): This really is a luxury item for me! Usually I just keep little bottles from other samples to refill for travel. So, it is nice to have this pretty floral plastic bottle to fill up with any of my favorite products for travel! This is going to go right into my travel bag for my next trip! #afterfeather
  • DenTek | Floss Picks + Case (Full size plus 2 extra! 4 count retails for $2.49): I know that some people might just be "meh" about getting floss in a beauty box...well, not me! I am super excited about these!!! Funny, I just started flossing my toddler's teeth with little toddler sized Floss picks and I kept thinking that I needed to get some bigger ones for me. Well, voila! I can't wait to use these. :) #dentek
  • HASK | Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil (retail $2.99 for 5/8 fl oz): As I am writing this I just realized that I am missing this sample from my box. So, I emailed the team at BB5 and am awaiting a response. Honestly, none of my boxes have ever been missing samples before. So, I do think that this is a rare occurrence! #haskhair
  • Laura Ashley | Body Butter (retail $20.00 for a set of size 1.75 oz body butter, sample size: 1, 1.75 oz): I will fully admit that it has been years since I have had anything from Laura Ashley! Well, this body butter is a great re-introduction to Laura Ashley. OMG! The Sweet Peony scent that I got is absolutely lovely! This is going right on my nightstand for application before bed! #lauraashley
  • Dove | Deep Moisture Body Wash (sample size 1.8 fl oz, full size retails for $6.49): As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Dove products...especially this time of year when my skin is super dry. I use this particular body wash all the time. So, I am happy to have a little travel size for my next trip! The scent is amazing and it leaves your skin so soft!!! #OneShowerChallenge
Overall, a good box this month (minus the missing product...hopefully I will hear back soon about getting that sample replaced???). I especially like the moisturizing products included: the Laura Ashley Body Butter and the Dove Body Wash! How are your beauty boxes measuring up this month?

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