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Thursday, August 14, 2014

NEW Launches from Japonesque: Liquid Light, Velvet Touch Primer, and Radiance Primer!

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Where have primers been all of my life? lol! I know I am "late to the party" here, but I am just recently starting to get "into" primers. Sure, I have used them here and there in the past. However, now I am consistently using them and enjoying them as a daily addition to my makeup routine. I just love their ability to enhance your complexion and improve your skin texture. I used to think of primers as just a product to use when doing a full face of makeup. However, the new formulas that are available are skin perfectors that can even be used on light makeup or no makeup days. I even love just wearing them under a simple light dusting of powder! Bottom line: my skin just looks better when I wear a primer. So, now I am hooked!

Japonesque: NEW Launches for Gorgeous Skin: 
New Color Collection products from Japonesque have landed at Ulta! Introducing Japonesque's Liquid Lights, Radiance Primer, and Velvet Touch Primer! These versatile, luxe highlighters and primers allow you to perfect your complexion like a pro.  Housed in Italian glass bottles and inspired by makeup artistry, all formulas are rich, long-lasting and easy to apply.  The packaging is very pretty and functional. I like the sleek look and feel of the glass. Plus, I always appreciate a product with a pump!
Inspired by backstage makeup techniques, the Radiance Primer is the ultimate remedy for a complexion that radiates beauty and light.  Its weightless and silky texture glides onto the skin and offers a pearlescent optical imperfection blurring effect.  The subtle shimmer will restore radiance and luminosity.  Reflective pigments attract and diffuse light while adding hyper-real youthful beauty to the skin.  This unique formula dries like a gel, filling your skins lines and creases for a flawless finish.

This primer is gorgeous! In the packaging, it looks like a whiteish-silvery highlighter. However, when you apply it, it is this gorgeous pearlescent shimmer. At first I thought it would be too shimmery to wear all over under a foundation, but actually, it works! It really does perfect your skin and boost the "radiance" of your skin when you layer this product with foundation. It has a non-greasy feel and it sinks into your skin quickly. Plus, my foundation seems to wear longer over this. I absolutely love it! Plus, yes, you can use it as a highlighter, too. It is just beautiful!!!

Retails for $32.00. Available at Ulta!
The Velvet Touch Primer is an exquisite weightless gel that primes the skin with a veil of velvety perfection.  It glides over skin to create an invisible skin canvas to smooth and mattify the complexion, while creating the illusion of flawless looking skin and dramatically improving makeup hold. Unlike existing primers, this formula does not “ball off” and instead creates a clean canvas for makeup that will last throughout the day.

If shimmer is not your thing, then this is the Japonesque priming product for you! This primer has an ultra-smoothing silicone gel-like feel. It glides on your skin and leaves it feeling so smooth and looking matte. I get improved wear with my foundation as well as a more poreless look. I love the light feel of this! 

Retails for $32.00. Available at Ulta!
The Liquid Light is a highlighting hero that dresses skin in an illuminating veil of radiance.  This innovative light-reflecting liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion’s natural glow – creating a beautiful shimmering incandescence that ‘lights skin from within.’ These translucent, weightless formulas give instant radiance and luminosity to the complexion and can be used alone as a makeup base or as a highlighting accent to shape and lift the facial contours. The Liquid Light will give you a faux sun kissed glow all year round.  Truly versatile, liquid light can be mixed with any moisturizer to be applied to the legs, décolleté or arms!

I tried out the shade #01 in the Liquid Light. I like to use Japonesque's Liquid Light as a bronzing highlighter or as an additive to lotions for an all-over glow. I found this product to be a bit too colorful to use as an all-over face primer/makeup base. I prefer to strategically place the color. As a highlighter/bronzer or as mix-in, it is beautiful! When I use it on my face, I only use the tiniest trace amount to add some bronzy shimmer to key areas of my face. I love using this the most on the body! I just pump a little bit into my body lotion to give my skin a gorgeous bronzy shimmery/sparkly glow!

Retails for $28.00 each. Available at Ulta!

All three of these new skin-perfecting/priming products from Japonesque are fabulous additions to my makeup collection. I love each of them for their own unique reason. I seem to reach for the Velvet Touch and Radiance Primer the most, but do love all three!

Have you seen these at your local Ulta? Or tried them yourself?

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