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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glowing and Natural Skin with Neutrogena's Visibly Even BB Cream

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I have been all about face products lately! My overall look in the Summer is light makeup and a natural look. So, my focus really is on great skin. BB Creams are, in my opinion, the easiest way to achieve this. A good BB Cream, like this one from Neutrogena, plus a light dusting of powder is all I need to get naturally pretty glowing skin! 
I tried out Neutrogena's Visibly Even BB Cream in the shade fair to light. I am somewhat surprised to find out that this product comes in only 2 shades. For reference, my skin is extremely fair and almost porcelain. Sometimes even the lightest shades of foundation in any given line are too dark for me. So, when I first saw this product coming out of the tube, I thought it would be too dark for me. Well, somehow, when I work it into my skin, it magically works! So, I am thrilled that the "fair to light" shade works for me! It is possible that my skin is just a hint darker than usual as it is the end of Summer and despite my sunscreen application and shade-loving ways, I probably do have a hint of color from the sun. So, don't let the limited shade selection dissuade you, the product is sheer enough that the colors are forgiving.

The product itself is quite scented. While I would prefer the BB Cream to be unscented, this fresh and somewhat sunscreen-like scent does not bother me. While this BB Cream is thick in consistency, it is light in feel on the skin. This sheer formula gives light coverage. However, the optical diffusers in the formula really do work well to blur imperfections and give you a slight glow. Plus, the formula contains an SPF of 30 (love that!) and "essential soy" to reduce blotchiness and discolorations.

How I Use:
I use this product after my morning skincare routine and as the first step in my makeup routine. I, personally, wear my daily moisturizer with sunscreen under this. So, I consider this BB Cream to be a boost to my regular sunscreen. Also, I feel that my combo skin needs more moisture than this BB Cream provides alone. I like to top this BB Cream with a light dusting of sheer powder. I think the finish is a bit too luminous for me without the addition of the powder. When I am finished setting this BB Cream, the overall result is beautiful skin! I just love wearing this product!!!

Overall, I like Neutrogena's Visibly Even BB Cream for it's skin perfecting and priming results. It really does blur discolorations on my skin and give me healthy and glowy skin. Plus, I think that the formula gives such a natural look!

Have you tried this BB Cream? What are your thoughts? 

Thanks for reading!

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