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Monday, September 30, 2013

Makeup Wars: Makeup Storage!!!

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It is time for another Makeup War! This time the Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing their makeup storage!!! If you are a frequent reader of Makeup Wars posts or beauty blogs in general, then you know that these makeup-obsessed bloggers have a LOT of makeup to store. Storing it in an organized and usable fashion really is quite a challenge!

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Before sharing my current makeup storage, let me share a little bit about the idea behind Makeup Wars. The Makeup Wars Bloggers are a group of top beauty bloggers that publish coordinated bi-weekly posts. The Makeup Wars bloggers collectively pick topics to blog about (e.g., Top 10 Products, Beauty Pampering, etc). We publish our posts at precisely the same time and link up through the graphic links and thumbnails at the bottom of our posts (be sure to click through these to read everyone's posts!). We literally have a blast doing these posts! Not only is it fun to create and plan these Makeup Wars posts, but also the behind-the-scenes beauty chatter only increases our enthusiasm for the subject and for products and makeup in general! Enthusiasm is certainly contagious! :)

Back to the topic-at-hand: Makeup Storage!

My Makeup Storage "Story": 
As you can imagine, a beauty blogger's makeup collection is constantly expanding and growing. Not only do I purchase and collect makeup, but also I acquire press samples from many brands. I believe in trying to keep my collection as organized as possible so that I can use and experience all of these great products! Yes, it is an excessive collection. Most "normal" people do not need this much makeup. I certainly don't need it either. However, I have amassed quite a bit in my years of blogging and my years of makeup loving. I am constantly trying to clear out and downside my collection. Even as I write this post, I realize that I really need to cut back more. What do I do with makeup that I am no longer wearing or don't need? I pass it on to my family and friends and they are always excited to get it! :) I have also swapped some and have donated unused products as well.

So, how do I keep it all organized??? Click "read more" below to find out!

My Makeup Collection Storage: A Work-in-Progress: Would love some tips!!!
So, here is the current set-up! We just moved about 2 months ago and I am still trying to figure out my Makeup Storage. Moving a large makeup collection was a total nightmare, lol! I am still trying to sort and organize everything.

My current beauty area set up is inside my Master Bedroom Closet (which is like a small room off of our Master bathroom). I have enough space for my vanity table, an Ikea Alex 9-drawer storage unit, an office depot rolling drawer unit, and a little rolling cart for my nail polish (not pictured). The grey and black Office Depot rolling cart contains products that I am testing or backup products to use (mostly bath, body, self tanners, and hair products). The vanity table and Alex drawer unit houses the actual makeup collection, spare brushes, makeup bags/travel bags, and even some empty drawer space (yay!). I have various little drawers and glass containers on top for items like makeup that I am testing out, eye and lip pencils, and palettes. My brushes that I use frequently are in this little black spinning pencil holder on top of the vanity. Brushes that I use occasionally are in glass containers on top of the Office Depot drawer set. My large palettes (you can't see them in this picture) are in a file folder holder on top of the Alex storage unit. Smaller palettes are in the deep Alex drawers. The plastic drawers under the vanity table hold my off-season scented body lotions and body splashes (I rotate my scents seasonally) as well as my hair accessories and scarves.

I am not totally happy with the setup just yet. Primarily, I don't like the lighting for doing my makeup. I want to get a large lit mirror for over my vanity. I think this would really help! Also, I would really like to dwindle down the collection so that I only have the vanity table and the Alex drawer. I have lots of sorting in my near future!

Here is the makeup mirror that I want to order for on top of the vanity table. It is super expensive. So, I have had a hard time justifying the purchase. However, it might be worth it for good lighting and a larger mirror. Do any of you know of other good lit makeup mirrors on the market? I would love suggestions here! :)
 The Vanity Mirror that I Want:

Mirror and Photo Credit: Vanity Girl Hollywood

Overall, my vanity/beauty storage area is very functional. However, I feel that it looks "cluttered". So, I am very thankful that this area is inside my closet! Still, I would love to streamline it and give it a cleaner look. 

What do you think of the setup? Please share any of your tips or finds for makeup storage! :) Also, be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see how other Makeup Wars bloggers store their makeup!


Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

I love your set up! My walk-in closet is stuffed with clothes, shoes and bags =\ God help me if we ever do a purse wars haha

Also, I need that mirror in my life NOW! SO GORGEOUS!

Phyrra said...

I really like your setup! I can see why the lighting would bug you though.

Kelly said...

I'm so jealous. Maybe I do need to be on one of those reality tv shows....

All Lacquered Up said...

I love that vanity table. So many of them are too ornate. Where is yours from?

Teri - BeautifulMakeupSearch said...

I like the rolling drawer unit and really want those for so many things.

MarciaF said...

I love that you have a desk with a stool. I've gotten to the point that I need to sit to do a decent job. The vanity mirror that you'd like is beautiful and I think you should show this post to your DH as a Xmas hint!

Andrea Murdock said...

I think your set up looks adorable and love that you can fit it in your closet. We are trying to find a spot for me to have a vanity table so I can sit while I do my makeup. I see what you mean about the lighting though- you totally need that new lighted mirror! Maybe have a makeup blog sale to help fund the purchase. I may know of someone who would buy some makeup. cough*me*cough hee hee

Unknown said...

@Brooke (Blushing Noir)-lol, give me time girl! I am sure that this closet will be packed soon. We cleared out a lot with the move, but the closet is slowly starting to feel smaller. :) My plan is hopefully to declutter before adding anything new to keep the closet space usable for a vanity area.

@Phyrra-Thank you! Yes, hopefully I will solve my lighting dilemma soon!

@kelly-lol, you are too funny@

@All Lacqured Up-The vanity is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I really like it! The top acutally flips up to reveal a mirror and a storage area under the top. I tend to keep it flipped down though because when you flip the top up you lose your "work space". I love it and it was only like $150

@Teri-Those drawers are so useful!

@Marcia-Now that I sit to do my makeup, I feel that I can never go back to standing at the bathroom counter. I like to sit and "relax" while I do my makeup. :)

@Andrea-THank you! :) Yes, I must solve the lighting!

jbrobeck said...

I love it! All in one place, can't ask for more than that!

Beauty411 said...

You've got a good system going for you! It's hard to beat the Alex for makeup storage!

Christine said...

I love that mirror that you're loving! I wish I had great lighting like that thing.

Prime Beauty said...

Looks like I need an Alex!

Unknown said...

I've wondered for a while how that plastic drawer unit performs. I love my short wide alex!

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