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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Turn Your Shower into a Spa! Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body!

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My love of all-things Kate Somerville continues with her amazing ExfoliKate Body!!! You all may remember how much I love ExfoliKate for the face. Well, ExfoliKate Body is the body version!

As the warm weather is slowly starting to arrive here in Atlanta, GA, I am amping up my body exfoliation routine. Not only do I want to exfoliate well because I am showing more skin, but also because I frequently use self-tanners this time of year (good exfoliation is the key to a good self-tan!).

ExfoliKate Body turns my shower into a spa experience! Find out more details about this product by clicking "read more" below!

I love turning my shower into a spa experience! It only takes 2 minutes!!! :) The product smells and feels great! Plus, it is so effective!!!
ExfoliKate Body is an intensive body exfoliating treatment. It provides both manual exfoliation from gentle buffing beads and natural acid exfoliation from pumpkin and papaya enzymes. The exfoliation combined with the skin smoothing ingredients leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and smoothed! Other Key Ingredients include: Glycolic and Lactic Acids, Caffeine, Lavender, Bergamot, and Vitamin E.

How I use:
I use this product about 2 times a week. After washing my body in the shower, I apply ExfoliKate Body in gentle circular motions to my arms, legs, and backside. Apparently the steam in the shower helps to activate the enzymes. I let the product sit on my skin for 2 minutes (per the product directions). Then, I simply rinse off.

This product leaves my skin feeling sooooo smooth! I love the results and will continue to use (and love) this product!

The Skinny:
  • ExfoliKate Body retails for $65 for 5 fl oz
  • Available online and at Sephora and QVC
Check out some of my favorites from Kate Somerville! ExfoliKate is one of my all-time favorite Holy Grail skincare products! :)

Thanks so much for reading!!!


Chantel said...

I definitely want to try this! Sounds amazing!

Unknown said...

I adore Kate Somerville products. I don't mind splurging for moisturizers/serums that will sit on my face all day. However, not sure I'd be willing to pay $65 for something I'll wash off in 2 minutes!

Unknown said...

@Krystle Smith-I hear ya! It is pricey. I like to think of it more as a "body mask" and let it sit on my skin as long as I can for a quick treatment. I really think it is quite effective considering that you wash it off after just a few minutes. :)

Amanda Gold said...

I LOVE scrubs! I can't wait to try this one. What are the notes in the scent?

Unknown said...

I LOVE Exfolikate for the face. I had to quit work due to fibro Jan 31, 2012. I have entered every contest I could find trying to win more because I can't afford to buy it anymore. It is my desert island product. I am sure if this is half as good as the facial Exfolikate I would love it.

Unknown said...

@amanda gold-The scent is very light. It is a bit medicinal?

@Kami Dumis-Sorry to ehar that you had to quit your work due to Fibro. I have Fibro, too.

Mama Fashionista said...

I have heard such great things about Kate Somerville products, but haven't tried anything yet! This sounds like a great intro product for me, so it's definitely going to go on my wish list!

Unknown said...

@Mama Fashionista-Oooh! You must try some of Kate Somerville's products! Honestly, everything I have tried from this line is amazing!!! :)

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