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Friday, January 4, 2013

Anastasia's NEW Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder: So Much FUN!!!

Have ya'll seen these new Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powders from Anastasia??? OMG! I adore these!!! Honestly, this is the most fun that I have had lately with playing with a new product! I am just pretty much obsessed with these! They are just totally fun!

Anastasia's new Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powders are vividly pigmented neon pressed shadow pigments for your hair or brows. You can give yourself fun, colorful, and trendy ombre/dip dyed hair in just minutes...without the worry of "will this wash out?"! The color impact is just insane! You get great color without the committment of permanent color.
The Shades:
I got to test out an assortment of shades from the Hypercolor Line. Here are the colors that I tested:
  • In the Pink (Neon Pink)
  • Electric Blue (Vivid Blue)
  • Ultra Violet (Vivid Purple) Awwhhh! My Ultra Violet powder shattered during shipping. Oh well!
  • Teal Tornado (Neon Teal)
  • Mega Watt Green (Neon Chartreuse)
To find out more about how to use these and how I liked them (and to see swatches and pics!), please keep reading!

I first started testing these powders when I had my adorable pre-teen niece Mollee sleep over. We both had so much fun with these Hypercolor Powders! Actually, my niece has used other rub on hair colors before and really was immediately impressed with the color payoff with the Anastasia Hypercolor Powders!

While our sleep-over party is over, I am still continuing to use these powders! Honestly, I thought that the color might end up looking "silly" on me. I mean, I am in my late 30s. While I am very young-looking for my age and certainly a trendy "girl", I thought that this type of hair color look might just be too "young" for me. However, I was wrong! While the look is certainly trendy, I think that I can totally pull it off. Even my Hub, who is a die-hard preppy JCrew type, loves the look on me.

I find that just a few swipes of color are the only accent that I need. I like to apply 2 colors at a time just around my face. I like 4 swipes total for my dip dyed look. I think that going from the ear down gives the most flattering ombre look.

Key Ingredients:
  • A special blend of pigment-rich oxides for intense color
  • Silicone allows powder to glide on the hair
  • Kaolin Clay provides excellent coverage, gives an ultra-fine texture, and absorbs excess oils
  • Paraben free
How To:
These are just ridiculously easy to use! You literally just rub/wipe the color right into your hair. Anastasia recommends wearing a towel, prepping hair with a conditioner or styling product, and using gloves. While those are all good tips (and things that I do when I personally apply these powders), they almost are not even necessary. When I tested with my niece, I protected my hands and primed my hair with styling product and she did not.

How to Details (from Anastasia) for Hair Application:
*Anastasia recommends using gloves and hanging a towel around your shoulders.

1. PREP hair with a light application of glossing cream, styling wax, or leave-in conditioner.
2. SEPARATE your hair in sections.
3. APPLY color by sandwiching your hair between your fingers or a cosmetic sponge and the Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder compact gliding the color on.
4. SET hair with hairspray, spraying 10-12 inches from your Hyper-Colored Hair and misting lightly.

My notes:
If you don't have gloves and really want to protect your hands, you can do what I have done: use a ziplock bag over your hands! It works just as good and keeps you from having to wash your hands after. Also, I agree with the recommendation to wear a towel over your shoulders.

The Color Payoff and Wear:
The Hypercolor powders go on completely true to the color in the pan. You are going to get very intense and vivid colors with the Hypercolor Powders. After some very slight initial fading, the color stays on until you wash it out. I found that the pink shade: In The Pink was especially vivid and lasting.

The Colors are Gorgeous; But, do they Wash Out?
I have blond heavily highlighted blond hair. My highlights have made my hair quite dry and porous. So, I was nervous to try such vivid colors. I was worried at first that I would have trouble washing these out. The good news? These hair powders wash out very easily! I was able to completely remove the Hypercolor Powder in just two shampoos!

So, my niece and I had the same immediate results with some difference with how the product washed out. Even though my niece didn't use gloves to apply, her hands still did not stain. Her color washed out easily. She was able to completely wash out the hair color in one shampoo (her hair is her natural color and not color treated). On my hair (which is dry and highlighted: therefore more porous), the Anastasia powders took 2 shampoos to wash out completely. I totally did not mind this. I found that the remaining color left after the first shampoo was very, very faint. So, you really only would notice it if I actually pointed it out.

Any Drawbacks?
Like all of the hair "chalk" or powder type color products, these leave your hair feeling a bit dry when the powders are on. So, these are not going to give you silky smooth color like permanent color. However, this really was not a negative for me. I honestly wasn't expecting these powder colors to feel like permanent color.

Brow Powder:
These Hypercolor Powders also double as brow powder. I did not personally test these out as a brow powder as I prefer to use these for my hair. However, they would certainly be easy to use as a brow color! Just use like you would a regular brow powder and fill in your brows with vivid color instead. You can set the color with a clear brow gel (like the awesome one from Anastasia or a clear mascara). 

The Skinny:
The Hypercolor Powders are sold individually at Ulta and Sephora for $12.50 each. They are also available from

I just adore these fun colored Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powders from Anastasia!!! If you want to add a beautiful and fun vivid flash of neon color to your hair, these powders are a must!

Have you tried the Ombre/Dip Dyed trend? If not, is this something you might scope out? Personally, I am *so glad* that I tried these!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!



Jai said...

I have dark hair but would love to try this out. I wonder if it would work on my extra dark hair?

Unknown said...

@Jai-You should totally try this out! I think it would look especially great on super dark hair! I think the pink and green in particular would contrast nicely with dark hair. The color really sits on "top" of your hair. So, it really doesn't matter if your hair is light or dark. It might show up a bit better on light hair. However, I believe it is suitable for dark hair too! Let me know if you end up trying it out!

Megan G. said...


Unknown said...

@MeganG-You should try them! So fun!!!

Jai said...

Thanks I will give it a try!

Unknown said...

@Jai-Anytime! :)

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