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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Fond Farewell to soon-to-be Discontiuned Pure Ice Polish Shades

 photo credit: Pure Ice PR

Alas, bidding farewell to beloved makeup and nail polish shades happens far too often in the land of makeup. We find that perfect shade, fall in love, only to discover has been discontinued. It is a constant cycle!

Pure Ice has just announced and released the names of Pure Ice Polish shades that will soon be discontinued. In 2013, Pure Ice is discontinuing 28 shades of polish and will be renaming 4 shades as well. Pure Ice knows that some of these polishes could be your favorites. So, lets give them a good send-off! ;)

Pure Ice is certainly one of my favorite Nail Polish brands. They have a fabulous selection of colors. Plus, at less than $2.00 per bottle, you just can't beat that price!

For my farewell, I am featuring a little assortment of discontinued shades in this post: Sniff, sniff...Goodbye fair polishes: Gossip, Watermelon Ice, Heartbreaker, Taupe Drawer, and Scandal.

Too see some photos of the polishes I am "waving bye to" and to read the full list of discontinued or renamed shades, please keep reading!

Buh-bye to Pure Ice's Discontinued Shades!

Be sure to check out the discontinued list! If any of your favorites are on this list, then you still have some time to scoop them up at the store before they are gone forever! 

Here is the complete list of discontinued and renamed shades:

230    Honey Do: Pearl Pink Orange
260    Unzip: Pearl Yellow
301    Desire You: Pearl Grey Purple
304    Naughty Girl: Light Orange
306    Once Again: Robin Blue
307    Superstar: Maroon Red
400    In the Mood : Grumpy Bear Blue
538    French Kiss: Dark Blue
743    Watermelon Ice: Pearl Melon Pink
761    Calypso: Pearl Blue Green
800    Mint Dream: White Sheer Iridescent Green
826    Lilac Mist: Sheer Pink
827    Iced Copper: Pearl Copper
912    Gold Dust: Pearl Gold
913    Iced Merlot: Burgundy with Gold Micro Glitter
953    Coral Reef: Sheer Pink Orange
966    Taupe Drawer (Purple): Crème Grey Purple
976    Tease: Sheer Magenta
982    Dreamy: Crème Bright Pink
983    Scandal: Dark Blood Red
986    First Time: Pearl Moss Green
987    Gossip: Crème Bubble Gum Pink
989    Oh Baby: White Sheer Iridescent Blue
994    Jaguar: Gold

758    Jamaican Me Crazy     will now be called Crazy Love
970    Splash (Bright Pink)     will now be called Pretty in Pink
988    Silver Mercedes     will now be called Silver Star
980    Black Rage     will now be called Black Out

Sure, it is hard to say "goodbye" to our old favorites. However, Pure Ice is releasing 29 new shades in early 2013 to take their place. I can't wait to see the new releases!!!

Are any of your favorites on this list? My favorite of this group is Taupe Drawer. Love it!!!

Be sure to check out Pure Ice's social media:
Twitter @OfficialPureIce
Instagram @OfficialPure Ice


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