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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Glamour, Glitz, and Gloss! A Festive GLOSSYBOX: December 2012 Box Opening!!

GLOSSYBOX packs this month's box with essentials to keep you glamorous, glitzy, and glossy for the season! Yes, the Holidays are behind us, but this box arrived just in time for the December festivities! :)

For those of you unfamiliar with GLOSSYBOX, here is the scoop! GLOSSYBOX is a luxury monthly Beauty Box Sample Subscription. For $21.00 per month, you get a a lovely box of 5 deluxe beauty samples. The best part? One of the "samples" will be a full-sized item! You also get to earn reward points with GLOSSYBOX. When you give GLOSSYBOX feedback on your GLOSSYBOX samples or when you invite friends to GLOSSYBOX through email, you earn "Glossydots". There are no referral links available just yet. So, email is really your only way to earn points through people signing up. What do you do with these Glossydots? Well, when you collect 1,000 of them you can apply them towards getting a free Glossybox.

What makes GLOSSYBOX stand out? Well, while you do pay more with GLOSSYBOX, it really is worth it because you are guarenteed to get at least one full sized item in each box. Also, GLOSSYBOX always presents the items in an upscale and elegant manner. The boxes are always wrapped beautifully! You feel like you are getting a little luxurious treat every time you open up a GLOSSYBOX.

Here is a little teaser from GLOSSYBOX about this box:
Wearing your hair up in an undone chignon, tousled and wavy or playfully braided? A protective spray will keep it looking glamorous and shiny, all night long. Open toe shoes, come snow or sleet? Add a touch of sparkle with a glitzy polish. Showing some skin in a barely-there party dress? A nurturing bath oil with keep you glossy and glowing with a hint of a sensuous scent. For the finishing touch, you‘ll find our holiday treat to you - a stylish gift from our friends at Jewel Mint. This luxurious, varied collection of favorites is your secret arsenal to keeping it glamorous, glitzy and glossy this holiday party season.  

Ooooh...a treat from Jewelmint? I can't wait to dig inside this GLOSSYBOX!!!

Curious about what is inside the box? Open it up with me! I will dish on all of the details about what is inside!

OMG! This box is *so cute*!!! Just when I thought the last GLOSSYBOX was festive, they outdid the last one with this Christmas-themed box! The theme is immediately apparent when you open the box. Instead of their usual light pink paper and sticker, they used holiday printed tissue with a red ribbon and a red sticker. GLOSSYBOX is all about these little decorative touches. The wrapping is elegant, upscale, and yes...festive! Fun, fun, fun!!!

(Note: The late Nov/early Dec box was also festive. So, I actually previously thought that it was the Holiday box? But, no, the box in this post is apparently the Holiday box. Sorry for the confusion!)
Don't you just love it when you open up a beauty sample box and you are immediately hit with lovely scents? Well, if you do, you will love this box! It immediately smells amazing when you open it up!

As I open this box, I am immediately giddy when I realize that this box's lovely scents are coming from luxurious bath products! I adore baths!!! The cold weather has really hit GA lately and I am all about baths right now! You can expect to see many new posts in my Scrub-A-Dub Dub, What is in my Tub? Bath blog series in the coming weeks!

Alright lovelies, lets talk about what is inside this box:
  • Forest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda | Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Bath & Shower Oil: (Sample size: 3.38 fl oz, Full size cost: $22 for 6.8 oz): What a generous deluxe sample! I can't wait to use this!!! :) I applaud GLOSSYBOX for shrink-wrapping this bath oil in plastic! These types of bottles often open in shipping. So, I am glad that GLOSSYBOX avoided any potential shipping issues and wrapped it well! The jasmine scent of this oil is quite heavy. So, if you are a fan of jasmine, you will love it. I am thinking that you will only need to add a small amount of this rich oil to your bath for an amazing scent. The directions say to add 2 capfuls to the tub.
  • Heartland Fragrance Co | White Tea Bath Salts (Sample size: 5.5 oz, Full Size cost: $10 for 30 oz): As a bath lover, bath salts are essential in almost every bath I take! Bath salts really work to ease your tired muscles and soothe your skin. These lovely white tea scented salts are going to be such a treat! These salts contain 100% pure herb-infused Epsom bath salts. You can use weekly to reduce tension and refresh skin. 
  • mark | Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in m.powermint petal (Full sized product sample! Cost $12 for .106 oz): While I love mark cosmetics, I have not tried anything from them in a long time. So, I am super excited to find this flippin adorable lippie in my GLOSSYBOX! The packaging of this lipstick is just about the cutest that I have ever seen! The tiny pink metallic tube holds a full sized lipstick! The tube clicks shut with a magnetic closure. Cool! The look of the packaging is very girly; yet, also sleek and high end! The color is a flattering deep rosey pink which would compliment a variety of skin tones. This lipstick is a limited edition shade developed to raise awareness for a "powerful woman's cause" (not sure of the specifics, if you are curious, be sure to check out mark's website!). 
  • Issey Miyake | Pleats Please (spray vial sample, Full sized cost: $92 for 3.4 oz): As ya'll know, I am swimming in perfume samples at my house. So, while I don't "need" another perfume sample, I am thrilled to get this one from Issey Miyake!!! Over the years, I have often worn various scents from Issey Miyake. So, I am a huge fan!!! So, I am very excited to try this. While I would prefer a deluxe sample, I can get about 5 days of wear out of these small testers. This scent is described as sensual, feminine, and elegant. My first impression? I really like it. It is super feminine, warm, and sexy. I am going to enjoy wearing this! I am not going to wait until my next trip to try this (as many of my perfume samples get used during my travels)!
  • Wella | Velvet Amplifier (foil sample, Full sized cost: $16 for 1.9 oz): Hmm...a foil sample? I am surprised this was not listed as an "extra". Oh well! While I would have loved a deluxe sample of this product, I do not feel that this small foil sample decreased the value of this box since all of the other samples in this box are so generous. This product is a hair primer/serum. I actually love packing foil samples for trips. My various weekends out of town are getting to be extra fun with my foil sample assortment product testing! ;) So, this goody is going to go right into my travel bag.
  • Zoya | Nail Lacquer in Ziv (Full sized sample!!! Cost $8 for .5 oz): Whoo-hoo! Another *full sized* sample!!! Thanks GLOSSYBOX! I am a bit of a nail polish fanatic and Zoya is one of my favorite brands. So, I am just thrilled with this gorgeous polish from Zoya!!! Ziv is a gorgeous liquid metallic gold. This is just the type of polish that turns your nails into a sparkling accessory! I have been very into metallic polishes lately and will love wearing this! Be sure to check out my recent Makeup Wars post detailing my other favorite metallic polishes: Makeup Wars: Favorite Metallics!  
  • Jewelmint | Necklace (Value $29.99): WOW!!! A necklace from Jewelmint? GLOSSYBOX, you are spoiling us! I am a huge Jewelmint fan as well as a Jewelmint subscriber! If you have not had a chance to check out Jewelmint, feel free to sign up with my link! Jewelmint is a monthly jewelry subscription service. They release trendy jewelry collections every month and a stylist matches the selections to your personal style. I am really happy with the pieces that I have gotten from Jewelmint! In my GLOSSYBOX, I got a delicate gold chain with a red heart pendant/removable pin. This is a unique idea. You can wear the pendant on the necklace or remove it and wear it as a pin. Typically, I am more of a silver girl. However, I do occasionally go for gold. So, I will be glad to have this necklace! The necklace comes in a velvet bag. Very gifty!
What an amazing GLOSSYBOX! I really love the assortment packed inside. GLOSSYBOX always gives you a variety: bath items, makeup, jewelry perfume, and hair! What nice selections this month! I am really excited about everything in this box and can't wait to try these things out! You know, not all subscription boxes give such good variety. Again, GLOSSYBOX stands out! Plus, what an amazing value! For the $21 box price, you are getting upwards of $50 in products!

  • Fashion-forward blogger Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller blog is curating next month's GLOSSYBOX: The Winter Survival Kit! You can sign up here to be alerted when the Man Repeller box goes on sale! I can't wait to see what is inside!!! 
  • A permanent gifting option is now available with GLOSSYBOX! Here is the link for that: GLOSSYBOX gifts
  • GLOSSYBOX's Limited Edition box from Refinery29 is still available: Holiday Chic with Refinery29
Did you get a GLOSSYBOX this month? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!


Iris said...

The birds and hearts necklace is adorable!

I purchased the mark m.powerment petal Lipclick and am very impressed with the wear and the colour. It looked a bit dark in the magalog but it's very flattering on my skintone.

Unknown said...

@Iris-Yes, isn't the birds and heart necklace just totally cute!!! :) I am so thrilled that I got jewelry in this GLOSSYBOX! What a treat! I am excited about the mark lippie too! I need to explore that brand more. :)

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