Pammy Blogs Beauty: New Favorite Cleanser for my Sensitive Skin: Neutrogena's Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Favorite Cleanser for my Sensitive Skin: Neutrogena's Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

It is not every day that you find a new all-time favorite cleanser! I am so excited!!! Sure, I review a lot of cleansers on my blog. I like a lot of them but rarely do I find a cleanser that has potential to be a new all-time favorite Holy Grail cleanser. I think I have found this rare treat with Neutrogena's new Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser!!!

My Skin:
In a nutshell, my skin is combo (combo to oily in summer and combo to dry in the colder months) and sensitive. 

What do I look for in a Cleanser?
For me, the more basic the cleanser the better. My skin is prone to irritation and redness. So, I am all about a cleanser that is super gentle on the skin. I like my cleanser to rinse clean, not leave a residue, and not dry out my skin.

What do I think of this new cleanser from Neutrogena? Keep reading to find out!

Generally, I prefer gel-like non-scented cleansers. For point of reference, my long-standing Holy Grail Cleanser is Topix's Resurfix Ultra Gentle Cleanser. While I still love Topix's cleanser, I hate that it is not available locally and that I have to buy it online. So, I am thrilled that I now love a cleanser that is available at my local drugstore!!!

Often cleansers designed for sensitive skin are not clean rinsing. I am not a fan of the "residue feel" left behind with creamy cleansers like this. I just do not feel "clean" when I have that type of residue sitting on my skin. On the flip side, many gel-like cleansers rinse clean but leave your skin feeling dry or tight. Well, not this cleanser by Neutrogena!

How I Use:
I use this clear and lightly scented gel cleanser in the morning and at night before bed. I simply wet my face with slightly warm water, apply cleanser to my finger tips, then smooth the cleanser over my face in circular motions while it creates a very slight lather. Next, I rinse my face with warm water and then pat dry with a soft towel.

The Results:
After washing my face, my skin is left feeling clean and refreshed without being the slightest bit irritated nor dry and tight.

The Scent:
As I mentioned, typically, I prefer my cleansers to be non-scented as they are less likely to irritate when they do not have scent. Well, I am happy to report that even though this cleanser carries a light scent, it does not seem to irritate my skin. Yay!!! Plus, the scent? It is A-MA-ZING! Seriously, I am obsessed!!! Maybe some of ya'll can help me place the scent? I swear it smells just like a lighter version of my old favorite Bath and Body Works Scent Flowering Herbs!!! Do any of ya'll remember that scent? It was what I wore all through college. So, smelling this cleanser every morning and night brings back memories (it always amazes me how scent is so strongly linked to memory...sorry, I digress!). So, while a scent of a product can sometimes be a drawback for me, for this product: it is a plus! Love, love, love this amazing scent!!!

The Packaging:
Just a quick note here about the packaging. I love it! It is a simple white bottle with a pump. I just love that the bottle is wide and skinny on the side. My shower is jam packed with products (as you may remember from my What's In My Shower post). So, the fact that I can turn this bottle on its skinny side and wedge it onto my product shelf is a great bonus. Plus, I can pump out the product without having to pick up the bottle with my slippery wet hands. I love good packaging design! 

The Skinny:
You can find this cleanser at your local drugstore or big box store. It retails for around $8.99 for a 12 fluid oz bottle.
As you can imagine from reading this review, I totally love this cleanser. It is totally my new favorite. I anticipate that this product could potentially be my go-to cleanser for quite some time! So, I give it my Pammy Blogs Beauty PBB Stamp of Approval!

Have you seen this cleanser in your local drugstore? What are you using to cleanse your face these days?

As always, thanks so much for reading!


Blauriche said...

I'm a big fan of Paula's Choice skin recovery cleanser. I'm also working my way through a big pump bottle of CeraVe's hydrating cleanser that I ended up with (among some other things) when a friend moved away.

I think the only Neutrogena cleanser I've ever tried is their foaming cleanser, but in general if I need something from a drugstore I go with CeraVe.

Unknown said...

@Blauriche-I agree, Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Cleanser is amazing. I have used that in the past and really love it too! I have not tried the CeraVe. Sounds great! I used to use Neutrogena's foaming cleasner too. However this one is much more gentle and less drying.

Carrie Willard said...

I just bought this cleanser. I typically use Cetaphil cleanser but I'm now a fav of this. It makes my face feel much cleaner. Although I feel like it might be drying my skin out alittle bit.

Unknown said...

@Carrie-Hey girl!!! I totally agree! This new Neutrogena cleanser does make my face feel cleaner than Cetaphil does. While Cetaphil is great (and probably the most gentle cleanser out there), I really prefer the Neutrogena. I am glad you like it too! Great minds think alike! Lets do a girls night soon! xxoo

fameoftheland said...

What lotion do you use with it? How does it compare to cerave?

Unknown said...

@fameoftheland-Honestly, I am always switching up my lotions depending on what I am testing out. Lately, I have either been using Pevonia's Spa Clinica Redness Relief Moisturizer or Algenist's. The Algenist is one of my faves. The Pevonia is nice if you need something super-duper moisturizing.

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