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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Newest Beauty Sample Box: GLOSSYBOX hits the US! Box Opening

I have such exciting news for all of you US-based sample box lovers...(insert drum roll here please)...GLOSSYBOX will launch soon in the USA! Yes, that's right, the much-loved and immensely popular international beauty box is just about to open subscriptions for the USA version of the box!

I am so excited that I get to preview this box for you dear readers! I know that many of you are fellow beauty-sample box subscription junkies like me. ;) Do we really need another sample box? Ha-ha! You know it!

I am going to go ahead and tell ya'll that this particular GLOSSYBOX Preview Box is pretty much the best sample box that I have ever opened. But, take note: This preview box is not necessarily like the boxes you will get if you subscribe to Glossybox. From my understanding, this preview box was made to be "extra special" because it is the inaugural box. So, keep that in mind while reading. This review is for this inaugural preview box only as I really do not know how the contents will look for the monthly boxes. I can not fully evaluate this subscription service at this time as I can only speak to the contents of this box specifically. You guys know how it is and how I fee: I feel that you need to give any subscription service *at least* 3 months (or 3 boxes) to get a good "feel" for the value for the price and your general satisfaction with the service. So, just keep all of that in mind as you read my review. I can talk about this fabulous box as well as the presentation and packaging (which I am sure is similar to all Glossyboxes). But only time will tell if I like the monthly sample boxes. So, stay tuned as I will subscribe when those subscriptions open up!

As soon as the box arrived and I took it out of my mailbox, I know it would be good! How did I know? This box was *heavy*. Heavy could only mean one thing, right? That it was just loaded with products!

So, how do I like the box? What are the details for subscribing?
The Skinny:
  • GLOSSYBOX will be available soon for US Subscriptions. Interested in getting a GLOSSYBOX? Sign up for their email newsletter to be in the loop for when subscriptions are opening up. You can sign up here: GLOSSYBOX newsletter
  • The preview box that I am reviewing here is just a special preview box. The actual GLOSSYBOX available for subscription will have 5 items and at least one of which will be full sized and the rest will be deluxe sample sized. 
  • The subscription is personalized. When you sign up, you take a beauty profile quiz. Your GLOSSYBOXES will be assembled based on your beauty profile. Members are encouraged to take surveys after each box. Their future boxes can be better tailored to them based on their survey responses.
  •  Cost: Monthly fee of $21.00
After following the UK's GLOSSYBOX box openings for quite awhile, it is so fun to finally be able to open one myself!  From what I have gathered, GLOSSYBOX is extremely popular and very well received in other countries. To be exact, GLOSSYBOX is now available in 19 countries making it the largest beauty box business out there. GLOSSYBOX is firmly established with well-known brands as well as new and upcoming brands. I hope that this translates into great GLOSSYBOX content for it's subscribers! Only time will tell if this holds true for the US version of GLOSSYBOX.
The Cost:
Whew, $21.00 makes it one of the most expensive sample boxes available. To give you and idea: Birchbox (my "gold standard" for sample box subscriptions, love Birchbox!) is $10 per month/box, MyGlam $10 per month /"glam bag", Beauty Army (I don't subscribe...yet, on waiting list) $12.00 per month/box, Total Beauty Collection $15.00 per box (available select times), and Julep Maven $20.00 per month/box (full sized Julep products). There are some other more expensive ones, but they are not monthly (i.e., New Beauty's Beauty Test tube, which is quarterly).

Will this beauty box subscription be worth $21/month? Only time will tell. I know that I, for one, would rather pay a little bit more for a nicer box. But, for $21.00, it really needs to be VERY nice!
The Box Presentation:
A-MA-ZING! Seriously ya'll. This box is *beautiful*!!! Absolutely beautifully wrapped and presented. It is extremely high-end looking. There is no question that they put a lot of time, effort, and cost into the packaging. For me, a beautifully presented box is the *whole reason* that I subscribe to these sample box services. I want to feel like I am unwrapping and individually picked out and put together box every month that is especially for "me". I like the *experience* of anticipating the box and opening up a beautiful "present". It feels quite self-pampering to even open the box.

The box arrives in an adorable outer cardboard box that has been printed with the GLOSSYBOX log. The actual GLOSSYBOX is nestled inside. The actual box of the GLOSSYBOX is a very thick decorator-type cardboard. It is like the kind of smooth and heavy cardboard that a hat-box might be made out of. There is no question that the actual box will be durable and long-lasting. Not to mention that it is attractive! The box is a pretty light beige-ish pink with one simple and elegant logo on the lid and the logo image pattern in a contrasting color on the inside of the box.

The contents are wrapped in tissue, tied with a bow, and sealed with a sticker. Totally classy! Nestled on top are the GLOSSYBOX welcome letter/box info card and a GLOSSYBOX Trend Guide: a mini book with beauty trends from around the globe.
What are the items inside the US GLOSSYBOX Preview Box?
This box is all about luxury, on the inside and out. Luxurious and high-end products inside a beautifully wrapped box. What a treat!
The Items:
These items are, as far as I can tell, all full-sized! Keep in mind that this might not be the case with the monthly GLOSSYBOXES. This is a "special" inaugural box. So, GLOSSYBOX made it extra special. Future boxes will have 5 items with at least one being full-sized.
  • BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel: Give your eyes a fresh start with Basq's soothing and smoothing Cucumber Tea Eye Gel.  This product has an "invigorating" menthol-like smell. I am not sure if I will like such a strongly scented product on my eyes. With that said, I can't wait to test it out! On the box, BASQ suggests putting it in the fridge for a cooling treat. I am going to do just that! What fun! ($24.00 for .5 oz)  
  • OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips: A smooch-worthy shade of hot pink. I love nail polish. OPI is one of my fav polish brands. So, I am thrilled to find an OPI polish in the GLOSSYBOX! Seriously, OPI never disappoints. This polish is a beautiful creamy vivid pink. Very on trend! This shade is just perfect for summer! ($8.50 for.5 oz)
  • C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion: This lotion combines two of my all-time favorite body product scents into one lotion: Lavender and Peppermint! This is heavily scented and it smells good. This is the type of aromatherapy scent that is nice to apply before bed. An exhilarating formula that will moisturize and soothe your skin. This is going to go right on my nightstand! ($12.00 for 5.2 oz).  
  • CARGO Eye Bronzer: I am thrilled that there is a CARGO product in this GLOSSYBOX! I am a huge CARGO fan. Actually, CARGO's bronzer in Light is an item that I have repurchased a few times and it remains one of my all-time favorite bronzers. So, as you can imagine, I am highly intrigued to try this Eye Bronzer! It appears to be a liquid-powder formula in a cool wand-type applicator. What a beautiful metallic shine on this one! Can't wait to try this! The bronze shade is ideal for summer. Just sweep this all over the lid and you are good to go!($22.00 for .035 Oz).
  • Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection: This is a cardboard envelope filled with 5 foil samples of Erno Laszlo creams. This Hollywood Collection of Creams commemorates 85 years of Erno Laszlo with formulas inspired by his iconic devotees: Ava, Katharine, Marilyn, Grace, and Greta.    
  • KRYOLAN High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee: What a gorgeous nude gloss! This super thick formula is the perfect nude shade. Plus, it has the most yummy and amazing smell! I can't wait to use this! I have never tried this brand before. So, I am super duper excited. This lip gloss is filled with pearl pigments that supply your lips with extraordinary radiance. *Exclusive to Glossybox before Kryolan's US launch!!! ($18.00 for .135 oz).
Not only do I love all of the items in this box, but also I love the *variety* of items! We have all major beauty categories: Skincare, Nails, Body Products, Makeup (eyes), and more Makeup (lips)! Plus, of course, I am thrilled that the products are all full sized (but remember: this is a special box, regular monthly boxes have deluxe sample sizes with one full sized product).

The packaging/presentation of this box is easily the nicest that I have seen. Opening this box was like finding a little bit of luxury right in my mailbox. The brands represented are high end. So, the box reflects the luxury essence of the products. I am going to have to find a great use for this box. It is super high quality and will be great for re-use. It is clear that some of the extra cost for this beauty sample box goes into the packaging and presentation.

There is no question that this particular GLOSSYBOX is a stand out. But, the monthly sample boxes? Only time will tell. Here's to hoping that they are truly fabulous because $21.00 is quite on the pricey side for a monthly sample box service.

What do ya'll think? Are you going to be subscribing to GLOSSYBOX? I am on the email list. So, hopefully we will hear that the subscriptions open soon!!!


honey876 said...

Some great products there! I get GB in the UK and they always have great boxes. It's their birthday this month so I am hoping they pull out all the stops :D

Unknown said...

@Honey Go-Lightly: Glad to hear that you are a happy UK Glossybox subscriber! I can't wait to see what their monthly boxes look like here! :) Heres to hoping you get a great b-day box from them!

Abryda said...

Hope I can get a subscription can't wait.

Unknown said...

@abryda-I hope you can too! :)

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