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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Newest Beauty Sample Box: The Total Beauty Collection

Super exciting news...Total Beauty is offering a beauty sample box service!!! 

Now ya'll know how much I *heart* my beauty sample service subscriptions! Well, this one is different! You don't have to subscribe! The box is offered at select times and you can opt to purchase it for $15.00. Boxes are sold on a first-come-first served basis. Yes, $15.00 is a bit more than most sample-box subscriptions...but, I am starting to feel that it is worth it to pay a bit more for a better box! There are some great brands listed. So, I have high hopes for this box! 

If you are not familiar with Total Beauty, then head on over to check it out! It is a great site with *tons* of beauty tips and product reviews. With my love of beauty sample boxes, I jumped at the chance to preview and review Total Beauty's first sample box! I am eagerly anticipating it! So, be sure to check back next week for my Total Beauty Collection: Box Opening!

The Skinny on the Box:
  • The box goes on sale May 7th for $15.00. You can go to the site now to sign up for an email alert for when the box is available. I am sure they will sell out fast! Here is where you sign up: Total Beauty
  • Each box contains 4-5 deluxe sized beauty samples. Samples include skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. Yes, that's right folks, cosmetics samples! I know that makeup samples are what many of you are looking for! 
  • No subscription required. Boxes are available throughout the year. Shipping is free!
You can win a free box!!!
If you RSVP to Total Beauty's Facebook event, you get entered to win a free box! 

I am so curious about this box! Review/box opening coming soon! :) Be sure to check back!!!


Niki said...

awesome!!! i am obsessed with trying out these boxes! i ahve the birchbox right now, which i am not sure how long i plan on sticking wtih that, and i just signed up for beauty army. thanks for letting me know abotu this!

Unknown said...

@niki-Anytime girl! :) I am curious as to how you will like Beauty Army! I hear great things and have been wanting to sign up for that service too!

Unknown said...

Interesting! I will try this one also. I was previously a subscriber of My Glam but they don't really have nice boxes. Plus there is always a problem with billing.

Unknown said...

@Danielle-Agreed about MyGlam. I am still subscribed to them, but actually might cancel before next month's bag. I have high hopes for this Total Beauty box! It is nice that you can pay per box and not have to actually subscribe. :)

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