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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Face Works: I Need to be Firm Sheet Mask

Have you ladies ever tried a sheet mask? What a unique concept? But, a pretty funny looking when it is on your face, lol!

This review is for the My Face Works (mfw) "I need to be Firm" sheet mask. I got a one-time use sample of this mask in my January 2011 Birchbox. My Birchbox Montly Sample Box Subscription is just great for finding new skincare items!

This mask is designed to moisturize, tone, and smooth your skin. The mask itself is made out of silk and it is in a cutout face shape (I know!!! Look at the picture, bizarre!!!). The mask is soaked in a rich and yummy lemon scented serum which contains ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, witch hazel, and algae. Full sized packages of this product come with 6 individually wrapped sheets for $55 (I know, pricey!!!).
If interested in hearing about my experience with this mask, please keep reading after the jump!

So, I will start out by saying that this is the strangest looking mask when on your face!!! I thought my charcoal origins mask looked scary, that one has nothing on the horror-show look of this freaky mfw mask! I literally think that I scared my husband when I walked out of the bathroom with this on my face!

So, does it work? Well, here are my general thoughts:

  • The mask felt very soothing on my face! The scent was lovely and relaxing. I just felt nice and "moist" on my face. The downside of the "moistness"...the dripping! This mask was so soaked in product that I did experience a lot of dripping. The directions say to lay down, which would have been nice. But, I felt like the product was going to drip in my eyes. I didn't but I "felt" like it was.
  • The mask cutout was way too big for my face. I had to do some careful folding to try to keep it out of my hair. Also, the cutouts for the eyes were not big enough. So, this contributed to me feeling like I was going to get product in my eyes.
  • With all that said, I really enjoyed this mask. It was unique! It was a "treat"!!!
  • Many masks irritate my sensitive skin, but not this one! I didn't experience any tingling or irritation whatsoever. It felt soooo good on the skin!!!
  • How I used: I cleansed my face and patted dry with towel. The I opened and applied the sheet mask to my clean skin. I left on for 15 minutes. Then I rinsed the serum off with warm water. The directions say to rinse off, but you can also leave the serum on overnight for added benefit.
  • The result: My skin felt very smooth afterwards. But, I noticed a few dry patches cropping up only about an hour later. Which is not a surprise considering that witch hazel is an ingredient (which can be very drying).
While I really enjoyed this mask (and scaring my husband and dog while wearing it, lol!!!), I probably won't purchase a full size, primarily because of the price for only 6 one-time-use masks. Also, I think that another formula of this mask might be better suited for my skin type as I found this mask to be a bit too drying.

Have any of you all tried these? I am so glad that I got to sample this through Birchbox!
This was a sample mask through
my paid Birchbox subscription.


Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

that's hilarious you scared your hubby with this mask!! i scare mine very often with tall of the junk i put on my face;-) i have super dry skin, so guess this won't be for me. i've also been contemplating this birchbox thing, and the more i hear about it, the more i want to dive in! great review as always!!

Unknown said...

@JennySue-Thank you! And, lol, funny how our we scare our hubbies with our beauty routines! :) You should go for Birchbox! It is great! I am about to get my Jan box in the mail and am very excited! Thanks for reading! :)

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