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Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Noticed with Paperself Eyelashes: Intricate and Unique Eyelash Art

I just love inventive and unique products! Paperself Lashes are creatively designed lashes made out of paper that look like artwork for your eyes!

The idea sounds bizarre at first, but intriguing...right? I have been eager to see these in person because I was so intrigued by the photos. Let me just go ahead and tell you. These are even more beautiful in person! Absolutely gorgeous!

These are "notice me" lashes for girls who love to look experimental with their makeup. There is no question that these lashes are *bold*. But, they are also extremely elegant and flattering.

I love wearing false lashes for nights out and parties. But, most of the time, you can't even tell that I am wearing false lashes. Sometimes I just want to "ooomph" up my look more. These lashes are a way to look unique and creative while still looking beautiful.

For my first-impressions review and more info and pictures from Paperself, please keep reading!

Paperself Lashes:
Paperself Lashes are different. They are made out of paper. Yes, paper! The paper has a stiff feel and is curved like an eyelash. The lashes are inspired by the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting. In addition, each lash design has a symbolic meaning.

The Skinny:
  • Paperself Lashes is a London-based brand that recently launched in the USA at Sephora. I am so excited that these are available here now! 
  • The lashes retail for about $19.00 per pair. 
  • Each box is beautifully packaged in an embossed box. 
  • Paperself offers full-sized lashes as well as smaller accent lashes. The larger lashes can always be cut to fit your eye or cut into an accent size. 
  • Sephora has 6 styles available. 

For me, these lashes would only be for specific occasions (I am thinking parties, Halloween, clubbing) when I want a truly bold look. I think that the lashes are gorgeous. My hub thinks they are a bit odd, but unique. They are certainly not for everyone. But, if you love the idea, you should go for it!!! I mean, if I was Lady Gaga, I would wear them daily! :) One thing is for sure, these lashes command attention!

Even though I might not wear these lashes often (I mean they are a bit "much" for everyday wear), I am still thrilled that they are available for when I am feeling adventurous or I have a cool party to go to!!! These lashes are totally fun and remind me of why I love playing around with makeup in the first place. Its just fun. These lashes will for sure get you noticed!


Anonymous said...

They are on clearance at Sephora--still steep at $9 but I'm picking up a pair!!

Unknown said...

@Crafty Angel/Manicured Headaacheslayer-Agreed, expensive...but so fun!!! :) I have never seen anything like these!

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