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Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday 2011: Stila Daydream Palette

Hi Lovelies! My Holiday 2011 review series continues! There are so many special deals out there right now for makeup for the holidays. It is a great time for purchasing palettes and value sets. But, there is so much to choose from that it can get overwhelming, right?!?! Well, hopefully some of my Holiday 2011 reviews can help you narrow down your options!

This is the Stila Daydream Palette that I purchased from Birchbox. These are also available at Ulta and (I think that Sephora just has the larger version of this palette). I was so excited when this palette popped up on the Birchbox site! The palette is just so darn cute...and for only $18.00. Well, I just couldn't resist. Compared with most of the other palettes available right now, $18.00 is a real bargain.

To find out more (photos, impressions, etc), keep reading!
Isn't this palette just gorgeous!!! It reminds me of a stained-glass window! Very pretty and unique. Plus, Stila was able to pack a TON of shades into a very sleek and small compact. To give you some dimensions, the palette itself has a diameter of 4 inches.

As you can see, they packed MANY shades into this 4 inch compact: 22 to be exact!

Here is a listing of shades: Kitten, Day, Bloom, Tranquil, Aspire, Wish, Yearn, Lotus, Desire, Crave, Hope, Fancy, Ambition, Admire, Stellar, Paradise, Illusion, Celestial, Night, Spark, Whim, and Trance. These are all listed and numbered on a graph on the back of the box (I would have photoed it for ya'll but the print was so small).

I am planning on storing my palette in the outer packaging so that I can always reference the shade name if I need to.

What do I love the most about this palette?
  • I love that they packed so many color choices within one small-medium sized palette! This palette gives you not only a nice assortment of neutrals, but alos some really pretty cool-toned colors in the blue and green families.
  • Travel Implications: I often travel with a very limited selection of shadow shades because of a simple lack of space. Therefore, I usually end up doing neutral-only eye looks while on vacation.This Daydream palette will just ideal for travel! If you pop this in your travel bag, you will have so many color options!
  • If not for yourself, purchase this for the makeup lover in your family! This palette has fabulous gift potential! Plus, it "looks" like it cost way more than $18. The Daydream palette has a collectible appeal.The palette is just so cute and "gifty". Also, I think this would be a great gift for young girls too. Or anyone just getting started with makeup. With 22 colors, it will give the recipient many shades to play with. :)
  • Last, but not least, I love the price! $18 for 22 shadows??!! Really, for me, this is a no-brainer.
Check out the swatches! Center and Inner Ring:
Middle Ring:
Outer Ring:

Swatches: As you might be able to tell from viewing the swatches, there was really quite a bit of variability in the swatching. It was very hard to get some of the shades to "show up" (especially on that outer ring). But, with all those colors, I did experience a bit of "swatch fatigue", lol! Honestly, these photos do not truly capture the beauty of some of these shades.

The Finishes: The finishes are primarily satin/shimmer. But, there are about 4-5 matte-nearly matte shades.

The Pan Size: As you can see from the photos, there is quite a bit of variability in pan size. The pans range from "average size" (Kitten, in the very middle) to very small. I mean, lol, some of the pans are so tiny that you can barely fit your brush in! So, you may need to experiment a bit with your brush choices. I did find that the smaller pans are shades you would likely use as a liner anyways with a smaller brush.  

Quality: The quality of this palette is very good. To me, there is no question that this palette is worth way more than the $18.00 price tag. A great deal for sure. Now, is it typical Stila quality? I am not so sure. The texture of some of the shadows seems a bit chalky and there is some variability in overall quality across the shades. I think the satin shades swatch, wear, and feel the best. But, I am not sure that the quality is quite the same as the Stila singles that I own.
In summary, I think this palette is a great option for gift-buying or to treat yourself! I think that any new makeup lover or Stila fan would enjoy this cute palette. I think it is a great option for expanding your color options while traveling too! Plus, I just think that this palette is adorable! Truly a great value for $18.00!


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