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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Expectant Mama Skincare by Reviva Labs (part 2)

Hello readers!

I am continuing my Expectant Mama Skincare review series today with Part 2. I tend to get "wordy" with some of my skincare review (lol what can I say, I am a skincare enthusiast). So, I thought it would be best to split this skincare line review up into two parts. If you missed Expectant Mama Skincare by Reviva Labs (part 1), be sure to check it out! Part 1 of the review covers the Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion, the Varicose Vein Lotion, and the Belly Butter. 

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that one of my favorite natural brands, Reviva Labs, just launched an entire skincare range, Expectant Mama, specifically for pregnant ladies! 

As ya'll know, I am expecting my first baby in just a few weeks (yay!!!)! While this has been an incredibly exciting time in my life, pregnancy has presented many challenges for skincare. I have seen an increase in oiliness in my facial skin, an increased tendency to break out, an increase in dry patches and skin irritations on my body skin, itchy skin, increased tendency to "freckle", and a slight "pregnancy mask" on my upper cheeks. Not to mention leg swelling and cramping and trying to prevent varicose veins and stretch marks. 

This review is for Expectant Mama's Back and Leg Pain Relief Gel and the Prevent Facial "Pregnancy Mask" Cream. Keep reading to find out more!

Back and Leg Pain Relief Gel:
The additional weight of pregnancy can bring about some pretty significant back pain. This is something that I am realizing more and more as I am in my 9th month. Combine that with the change in your circulation and the resulting leg pain, and one becomes a very achy Preggie! Plus, the options for pain relief are just so limited in pregnancy. Normally, I am an Advil-girl. But, that is a big no-no in pregnancy. Tylenol (safe in pregnancy) just doesn't cut it for me for pain relief.

For leg cramps and/or back pain, this easily-absorbed gel offers quick, soothing relief. The gel has no greasy, sticky after-feel and its aroma soon vanishes.

This is an all-natural pain relieving cream. It contains natural menthol and eucalyptus which can block pain receptors. The formula also includes aloe vera which has some anti-inflammatory properties.

This product is a green gel that has a very strong menthol scent (like a pain-relief sports cream or reminiscent of Hall's Cough Drops). This is not a product that I use daily. I use it when my back pain gets especially bad. It has an "icy/hot" feel on the skin. The gel absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. My husband said the texture reminds him of "slime" (does anyone remember that stuff from being a kid?). While the scent of the product is very strong in the jar, the scent does dissipate a bit after application. This is some strong stuff ladies! It really makes my back feel better when I use it. Plus, I really love the feel of the icy-hot sensation. I seem to fall asleep more comfortably after applying this. This product is so nice to have this on hand when I am feeling especially achy!

Price: $14.00 for a 4 oz. jar

Prevent Facial "Pregnancy Mask" Cream: 
Have you heard of Chloasma? Or the "Mask of Pregnancy"? Basically, Chloasma presents as dark patches or blotchy areas of skin. It can occur on your upper cheeks, upper lip, nose, forehead, and even body areas exposed to the sun. Not all pregnant women get this. It is called the "mask of pregnancy" because the blotchy pattern can resemble a mask on your skin. This is caused by hormonal changes in pregnancy and it typically goes away after delivery. Sun exposure seems to have a role in this as well.

While I didn't have many, I did experience a few brown patches on my face that have never been there before. I think it could be a very mild case of Chloasma. The brown patches cropped up after a summer visit to Cancun while pregnant this year. Over time (and before I discovered this cream), most of the brown patches have faded. So, I really didn't have any left on my face when testing out this product. But, it is great to have this on hand if any more crop up!

The Cream Itself: This cream contains lightening ingredients that suppress melanin production (the brown pigment in your skin) and ingredients to protect from the sun octyl methooxycinnamate and magnesium asborbyl phosphate. Note: While it contains sun protection ingredients an SPF is not listed. If you are going to be in the sun, please add a SPF of at least 25 (per instructions on the jar). Mulberry, lime, and kojic acid also help lighten any existing discoloration. Special attention should be paid to cheek, forehead, and above lip.

The cream has a very buttery and thick "whipped" type texture. It reminds me of how a "night cream" feels. It has a light rose scent. While the cream is thick and rich, it is not greasy. It absorbs quickly. It did not cause any breakouts.

Directions: Apply on face over any brown spots morning and night. You can use alone or under day or night creams or SPF.

While I don't have any brown spots at the moment, it is nice to have this on hand. I wish I had it after my Cancun trip this summer! I am sure it would have faded those brown spots faster.

Price: $30.00 for 2 oz.

All-in-all, I have been thrilled with the products in the entire Expectant Mama Skincare line by Reviva Labs. The products are natural as well as safe for use in pregnancy. Each product targets a specific skin concern. If you are a pregnant women, this line is worth checking out! I am sure they have a product to target your individual pregnancy skincare concerns. I know that I have been happy to test these products out and will be thrilled to have them on hand for my next pregnancy as well.

Thanks so much for joining me in this review series!

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MarciaF said...

I'm definitely going to refer to your Reviva reviews when my DIL becomes pregnant again. I know that's wishful thinking but I know when it happens she'd enjoy a gift basket of these.

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