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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Total Beauty: Repair Your Damaged Hair STAT

Dried, fried hair is out. Healthy, glossy hair is in. See how to repair your damaged hair with these tips

8 Tips to Repair Your Damaged Hair STAT
This is a hair care article
When you're all bundled up for winter and your nose is red from the cold, your only redeeming beauty quality is your hair -- if it's glossy, that is. In order to maintain its health and vibrancy, hair needs to be treated and cared for just like the rest of our body. See the expert tips to inject life back into your fried strands now.

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Unknown said...

I had to go get a haircut. Had it long, now it up to my shoulder, and has a ton of layers... Also the hairdresser sold me a Keratine infusion therapy. Despite the price, I was willing to try it. After a week 1/2 my hair looks better already

Unknown said...

@G-I am so glad you are having good luck with your new hair cut and treamtent! :)

Melissa Locks said...

I have very fine hair, light ash brown naturally that is very resistant to blonding under the wrong hands. I moved, and had to try a new colorist and she overprocessed my ends so badly they were stretchy!! Found a much better hairstylist and am slowly growing out the damage. I am not willing to cut my hair short, so I have been trying a multitude of products to make my poor dry ends look healthy and soft. Nothing I've tried has been terribly effective. I bought the Shielo brand Antioxidant Leave In Protectant from Shielo's website. I applied about 4 times and worked it through my ends and up to about chin level and immediately my hair was easier to comb. Upon drying and styling, it truly looks like my hair was never even damaged in the first place.

I STRONGLY, highly recommend this product to anyone with overprocessed ends. I'm sure it would work great on other hair types too.

Unknown said...

@Melissa Locks-Thanks for sharing! Funny, I am testing out some Shelio products right now! Glad to hear that you had good results!

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