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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Hold-Me Bag: A Classic and Stylish way to hold your Makeup!

Hey there lovelies!

With the exception of my bi-weekly Beauty Spotlight Team "What's in Her Bag" posts, I am realizing that I haven't done a makeup organization post lately. Shame on me (slapping own hand, lol! kidding ;))!

Makeup storage, makeup organization, and makeup travel solutions are some of my favorite topics to write about! I love to travel. But, it is always a major challenge for me to pack. What to bring? How to pack? It is just hard! I usually end up with at least 2 bags/makeup storage items when going out of town: 1 brush roll and one makeup bag. I don't like mixing my brushes into my makeup bag as I am way too picky. I don't want any brush hairs bent or damaged. I like everything to have its "place". Also, when you invest in good cosmetics, you want a bag that is going to be sturdy and formidable enough to protect your cosmetics from breakage.

When I first saw the Hold Me Bags, I was immediately intrigued! They have a brush storage area as well as an area to house your makeup. I just love the idea of a 2-in-1 bag. Plus, the interior patterns are super cute and it looks like the design would keep your contents organized well.

Keep reading after the page break for more pictures and my full review of the Hold Me Bags.
The Hold Me Bags: Not your average makeup bag
If you are a girl who likes classic designs with some fun flair, then these might just be the bags for you! I love that these bags look classic and unique; yet, are also fun and functional. I tested this bag in the "Oh Paris!" print. The print design is so cute!

The outer bag is just solid black, but the interior hosts a cute print! All of the hold me bags have a "Knew Suede" (faux suede) black outer fabric. I love black bags for travel. They match everything! I know it shouldn't matter. But, I do prefer my travel gear to match. Apparently, the suede can be wiped clean. But, honestly, mine hasn't even gotten very dirty. Granted, it hasn't seen heavy use yet. But the black suede stays cleaner than I thought it would. I have been able to successfully wipe away make powder debris without a problem.

The inside of the bag is a combo of the black suede (brush/tool holder area) and a fun printed fabric (available in a variety of patterns). The inner fabric is laminated with a plastic coating for easy cleaning. The website currently is displaying a choice of about 8 different cute prints. Apparently some of them even coordinate with Zpalette prints (Hey, if you haven't checked out Zpalettes should! Those are great too!).

Design/Organizational Features:
  • Brush Holder/Tool organization area: The right hand inside flap reveals a brush holder area. There is a flap that lays over it (lined with the interior print). There are 4 wide tall brush pockets, 2 super-wide medium height brush pockets, and 9 variated/slanted pockets to accommodate a smaller brushes in a variety of sizes. I love the design of this area! While I have a fabulous travel-sized brush set, I always end up taking extra brushes in a range of sizes. The Hold-Me bag is able to accommodate your very largest to your very smallest brushes! What a smart design here. 
  • Zippered Storage Compartment: The Makeup Bag "Main Compartment". This large compartment (approximately 7 X 10, depth is about 1.5 inches) zips open on 3 sizes. The top flaps open and has a pocket on the inside of the flap with the "Hold-Me" label. Inside the makeup zippered area, the compartment has a removable liner that is suede on one size and printed on the other. This can be used to either divide your makeup items (it provides cushioning) or to pull out and use as a "place mat" while putting on your makeup. I always use a tissue to spread out my items to keep everything clean. But, I am finding that I like this removable mat instead!  
  • The entire bag closes shut with a loop tie. It takes a little getting used to. But, once you figure out how to tie it, it is easy-peasy. The white stitching on the black fabric was intended to be reminiscent of a vintage school-girl's bag. The overall effect is quite cute! 
  • Big Enough to Hold Palettes!!! The shape is nice because it is wide but not deep. Therefore, it is large enough to accommodate palettes! Now, this is big news! Many times I have wanted to travel with a large palette, but didn't because none of them fit into my makeup bags! Well, now I can travel with a palette (or two). Word! It seems that all of my palettes will fit into this bag. From my Coastal Scents 88 palettes to my UD Book of Shadows...they all seem to fit! 

Where to buy? Details please!
Available online at the Hold Me Company. Hold-Me Bags are also available in some select boutiques and online retailers for professional makeup artists. These bags retail from about $60-$90 depending on interior print and specific retailer. Whew, I know! These are pricey makeup bags! But, the quality is great and the design is very well thought out. If you are willing to invest, you will find yourself with a very functional bag that will likely last a very long time.

Overall, I am thrilled with this Hold-Me Bag! I love both the design aesthetics as well as the functional aspects. This bag holds a wide variety of brush sizes beautifully. The zippered storage area holds a lot of makeup when packed full. It is even big enough to hold palettes!

The only caveat of the Hold-Me Bag being quite large is that it can get bulky and heavy when full. If you are a minimalist looking for a bag for weekend travel, this bag might be too large for you. I found that when the bag is packed full it is heavy, but it is not overly cumbersome because it still has a slim design.
Protect your Cosmetic Investment:
Also, the fabric itself is "heavy". This is not like those flimsy plastic GWP bags that are light-weight. This suede fabric is dense. But, I feel that the suede fabric provides a lot of protection for your cosmetics. As fellow beauty-obsessed girls know, the contents of a makeup bag can be very pricey. This is a bag that will protect your valuable and loved cosmetics! Why risk breaking hard-to-find, limited edition, and/or pricey cosmetics into a cheap or GWP makeup bag? The Hold-Me bag will keep your loved items much more protected.

Ladies, what kind of bag do you usually pack with to travel? Before the Hold-Me Bag, I almost always just used GWP bags in combo with a Vera Bradley Makeup Bag and my Sigma Travel Brush roll. In these photos, I have my Hold-Me bag packed for baby delivery at the hospital!!! The packing is a work-in-progress. I may or may not end up using the Hold-Me bag for my hospital makeup...because lets face it, even though I adore makeup, not sure how much I will use while in the hospital with a new baby! :)

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