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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Total Beauty: Katy Perry's VMA Makeup Look

See how to get the singer's look with a step-by-step tutorial from her makeup artist

.Get Katy Perry's Hot VMA Makeup Look
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MTV's Video Music Awards never disappoint. The outrageous makeup, hair, and outfit ensembles provide great entertainment and, albeit more rarely, great inspiration. For instance, this year we were particularly wowed by Katy Perry's berry pink hair and makeup to match. So we talked to her makeup artist, Jake Bailey, who gave us the steps that'll help you copy her look.
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1 comment:

The Rainbow Zebra said...

I absolutely ADORED Katy Perry at the VMAs! She and Brand are just too cute :)

And I may be 41 but I am so diggin her hair--thinking of doing something similar!!


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