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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Aquaphor Challenge: Soft feet in a few weeks

I am so excited about this post! Don't ya'll love it when you discover a new use for a trusted and classic product?

I am sure that many of you have heard of or use Aquaphor. I have used Aquaphor off-and-on over the years as a lip and cuticle moisturizer. Actually, I used to keep a mini tube with me in my purse at all times specifically for those purposes. But, like all product enthusiasts, I switch up my products frequently. Somehow, I just got out of the Aquaphor habit. Shame on me!

Well, I am so excited that I not only rediscovered my love of Aquaphor but also learned about a fabulous new use for this classic and trusted product!

The Aquaphor Challenge:
A few weeks ago, while going through my inbox, I noticed an email from Aquaphor. It generally stated that consistant nightly use of Aquaphor can soften feet and reduce callouses. I became so intrigued that I just had to try it out. Besides, my feet needed some TLC!

Do you want to find out how the challenge worked out for me? Keep on reading!

From Aquaphor:
Aquaphor ® Healing Ointment 
was proven to significantly improve cracks, scaling and roughness on heels in just 
one week, with continued improvement throughout the four weeks.  94%** of 
participants confirmed noticeably smoother heels in only one week. Simply slather 
your soles in Aquaphor every night before bed, slip on some socks and 
get ready to show off your new flip-flops and your beautiful heels, courtesy of Aquaphor ® Healing Ointment–SRP: $5.49 for 1.75oz tube, $8.49 for 3.5oz jar

My Feet: (some background):
I have what I call "ballerina feet". I blame my former ballerina days for my "bad feet", but honestly, my calluses bunions are more likely a result of hereditary and poor footwear (I love flip flops and high heels). Either way, I enjoy pampering my feet. Especially since I am pregnant!

So, what exactly is in Aquaphor?
It is surprising how basic this product is! Aquaphor Healing Ointment contains the following key ingredients: Petrolatum, Panthenol, Glycerin, and Bisabolol (from the Chamomile plant).

Common Uses of Aquaphor Healing Ointment:
  • Dry and Chapped Skin
  • Cracked Hands and Feet
  • Chapped Lips
  • Eczema-related
  • Minor Cuts and Burns
The Challenge:
For four weeks I applied a thick layer of Aquaphor to the bottoms of my feet focusing on the callouses and the dry cracked areas (ewwh...I know, yuck!). Then I would cover my feet with cotton socks overnight. For the purposes of this test, I did no other foot treatments during this test period. Normally, I do routine exfoliation with a pumice in the bathtub.

The Results:
Within a week, I saw significant results. By two weeks, my feet were completely smooth and soft. The callouses were softened and the cracks disappeared. I extended this test for almost a month and my feet have maintained their nice appearance and smooth feel. I am thrilled with the results!

What a simple and effective way to soften your feet! It is just so easy and it works! The best part? Aquaphor is inexpensive and readily available at most drugstores and grocery stores. Upcoming Aquaphor use? Since I am pregnant (FYI: Due Dec 31st!), I can't wait to explore Aquaphor's uses as a baby-care product!

Fellow Aquaphor lovers? What do you use Aquaphor for?
Thanks so much for reading!


InkyW said...

I love Aquaphor! I use it on feet, hands, dry skin anywhere. I also use it the first 3-4 days after a fresh tattoo. A VERY light coating keeps the tattoo moist and protected for the day.

The Rainbow Zebra said...

Aquaphor is *awesomeness*. My son had severe eczema from 2 weeks old until 4 and we always had a tub of that around!

For SUPER moisturizing apply right after a shower or bathing--leave skin damp, apply, then cover.

For severe areas, you can apply it, wrap a damp cloth or strip of cloth (mummy style lol), then cover with a sock, leave on for a hour or so.

My son's allergist was amazed at what the "wet wrap" method did for his skin!

Glad it worked so well for you (I knew it would though ;))

Unknown said...

@Manicured Slayer- Great tips!!! I can't wait to try some of these! Thanks so much for sharing!

Adriana said...

I really like this product and use it on my hands ALL the time. I was unaware of how beneficial it is, though, so I really appreciate this post. You mention that it works for skin with eczema. Can you use it on the face??

Unknown said...

@Audriana-Thanks so much for the nice comment! Yes, as far as I know, you can use it on the face. I have used it on and around the lip area with no problem! :)

Maggie said...

my son had a diaper rash his first week of life that was so bad it resembled a third degree burn. we tried everything, even an ointment that the hospital whipped up just for him (Rx strength). Nothing worked. then I tried aquaphor, within 2 days his rash was significantly Better, two days after that it was completely gone. I love aquaphor and will be trying your aquaphor foot challenge starting tonight!

Unknown said...

@Maggie Witt-Wow! I am so glad that the Aquaphor helped your son! I have had great luck with it with diaper rash on my toddler as well! :) Good luck with the soft feet challenge!!! :)

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