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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Total Beauty: 16 Best Night Creams for Better Skin

Beauty sleep is taken to a whole new level with these amazing finds

16 Best Night Creams for Better Skin
This is a best and worst skin care products article
Remember when we used to believe that magical things happened at night? When fairies leave money under your pillow and Santa comes down the chimney and leaves a ton of presents? Here's some great news: Magic still does happen at night -- if you use the right night cream. Readers say these are the best. average member rating: 8.5

"My skin texture and firmness have really noticeably improved." average member rating: 8.5

"Not Botox, but I did notice a reduction in wrinkles and dark circles." average member rating: 8.5

"My sis-in-law told me it looked like I lost weight in my face. I didn't -- it was this firming cream that tightened it up and made my face look thinner."

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