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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OttLite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror: "Illuminate Your Life"

Hey there dear readers!

Do many of you have a vanity area set up? As we beauty-girls know, having a great makeup mirror and good lighting is key for  flawless makeup application.

My vanity area is currently in flux as I am moving my vanity area from our guest room into our office (as our guest room is being slowly converted into a nursery). But, even in my makeup area's transitional state, my makeup mirror still has a prominent position on my vanity table. If you happen to be curious about my "old" setup, check out my Vanity Area Blog Post and Video Tour. I will do a new Vanity Area tour onces my transition is complete! Okay, sorry, I digress...back to the OttLite!

When OttLite contacted me to try out their new makeup mirror, I got so excited! I have long known OttLite to be a great brand for quality lighting. Actually, my parents have an OttLite at their house that they use in the den for their reading light. So, clearly I knew that this mirror would have high quality lighting. But, when I saw the cute options for designs on the mirror, I knew that I would love it not just for the great light, but for the cute factor as well! Hey, cute is a big thing with me! When you work as hard to get your vanity area "just right", you are going to want to top it off with attractive lighting.

For more details, photos, and my review of the OttLite Makeup Mirror, just keep reading after the page break! Also, I have an exciting upcoming announcement coming soon!

OttLite specializes in high-definition natural indoor lighting. These eco-friendly lights are low heat and energy efficient. OttLites provide visually efficient lighting that provides a balance between brightness and contrast. The effect? Colors represent true! You are not going to get the somewhat yellow cast that other indoor lighting gives off.

OttLite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror:
The Skinny:
  • Dual sided flip mirror features 5x magnification on one side and 1x magnification on the other side. 
  • 26w (2x 13 w light bulbs) light uses OttLite 508 Illumination bulbs.
  • The mirror is quite heavy. This is great because you don't have to worry about it tipping over. It is a sturdy mirror with a solid base.
  • The mirror has multiple adjustable angles (the mirror "flips"). 
  • It folds flat from the base for storage.
  • The OttLite bulbs produce a soft light that is easy on your eyes. The effect reduces shadows and glare. 
  • Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours and are energy efficient. 
  • The best part: The light shows true colors! This is perfect when matching skin tone for foundations or trying to get the best representation from your color cosmetics. 
  • These lights come in 5 different colors (the base) and retails for $69.99 each. 

So, how do I like it? 
This is a great makeup mirror! I have the black and white patterned one and absolutely love the aesthetics of the design. What a super cute mirror! Perfect for a vanity table.

I especially like the shape and height of the mirror. I normally use a round makeup mirror. So, I really like being able to see "more of my head" in this rectangular OttLite mirror.

The OttLite produces very vivid light. Actually, I found the OttLite to be much brighter than the daytime setting on my other makeup mirror. Honestly, the only critique I have about this light is that there is only one light setting on the mirror, the daytime setting. But, this is clearly the intent as it is a "Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror". So, one setting is exactly what OttLite was intending. However, often I apply my makeup for going out in the evenings. When I do, I need softer lighting and will continue to use my other mirror for that. But, when I want vivid lighting for daytime looks, the OttLite is perfect!

Exciting announcement: I will be hosting a giveaway for OttLite for this exact makeup mirror! Yes, one of my very own darling Pammy Blogs Beauty readers will win their very own OttLite Makeup Mirror! Stay tuned for an OttLite Makeup Mirror Giveaway post coming soon!

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for the Giveaway Post so that you can enter to win!!!


Sharon said...

Awww that mirror is beautiful...I love
Your review&giveaway sounds exciting!
You are too generous4us hun thank u

Unknown said...

Hey Sher!!! Thank you!!! :) Check back soon to enter the giveaway! :)

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