Pammy Blogs Beauty: My New Vanity Table (Photos and Video tour) and makeup area! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

My New Vanity Table (Photos and Video tour) and makeup area! :)

Hello my dear readers!!! 

I am so excited that I am finally able to share with you my new Vanity Table and rearranged Vanity area!!! 

Ya'll may remember this post where I was looking for vanity tables, or this post with my "old" setup. Well, this new setup is a VAST improvement! Previously, most of my makeup was in the bathroom in various cabinets and I would get ready there. Now, I have this lovely little area set up in the guest bedroom (that was previously an unused room in our home). I love it! Not only because it is my "beauty area" and it is just nice getting ready here in the mornings, but also just because I love having "personal space" in the home. It is just a "me" area where I can relax in the mornings with my coffee while getting ready! 

So, I have snapped some photos for you and am going to take you on a video tour of the area! I honestly have never had such a nice set up! I am truely enjoying it!

For more photos and my video, please keep reading after the jump!

Vanity Table Opened

Vanity Table Closed

Close-up of the table top

This is what it looks like when opened up and in use! 

And now, here is my video tour! You can also check it out on my Pammy Blogs Beauty YouTube Channel! Enjoy watching!

Let me know if you have any questions about this great vanity table or how I arranged my set up! These tables are still available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $150. If you are interested in purchasing through Bed, Bath, and Beyond, be sure to sign up for their coupons! They mail out monthly 20% off coupons that you could use! Thats what I did and I saved a ton of money that way!

Thanks for reading and watching!!! XOXO!



Azhezha said...

beautiful!! ;D
love it hun..
hope i have one like that, hehe..

Ladyofthelaake said...

Oh this is so cute!
I love how the mirror can be hidden or shown, and how all your little treasures are revealed when it's open!! :)

Mandy McDonald said...

I absolutely LOVE that vanity and the way you have it all set up. id kill for my own makeup area on a spare room or something. awesome post!

Sharon said...

loving ur vanity hun&the set up. Everythn is just neat and beautiful

MakeupByAngel said...

Very cute! I love how the mirror kind of hides everything. Very nice!!

Tracy D said...

When I first saw this vanity, I thought 'oh it's pretty but that wouldn't be enough storage for me'...then I saw the middle open up. Wow, love it!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Pammy,

I so love your Vanity table...I am raving about it....


Anonymous said...

Love your vanity table! Sadly it wouldn't hold all of my makeup lol

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Great Vanity! I love how it opens up with a mirror and storage and it can close up to a desk. Very organized and cute set up! Love it!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Mandy McDonald said...

I nominated you for the "The Versatile Blogger" award! Check out my post!

Unknown said...

Thanks everybody!!! :) I am totally loving having that area set up!

Yes, what "swayed" me towards this vanity over others that I had seen was that little hidden recessed space under the mirror! You can fit quite a bit in there! The drawers are nice too, but I must admit I do wish it held a bit more. Eventually I might do away with the plastic steralite drawers and the side table and just get one of those rolling drawer carts from Office Depot for the main storage.

OH, and I do wish the mirror was "taller" too...I am petite and the mirror is a bit too low.

But, it! Thanks for reading and watching everyone!


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

OH yay! Gorgeous!! It looks super cute!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jacenda! :) xoxo

for the love of beauty by lara said...

u are very organised! :D

love ur blog btw! :D

Unknown said...

@for the love of beauty-Thank you!!! :) Thanks for following!!! :)

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