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Monday, March 7, 2011

Get your glow-on! BeneFit Girl Meets Pearl

Hello dolls! It's review time again!!! Today's review is for BeneFit's Girl Meets Pearl "liquid pearl for face" highlighter. This was another fantastic item included in my winnings from Beauty Crazed (from their holiday giveaway: Thanks again girls, this is one of my fav items from the box!).

Yes, lol, I will fully admit to being highlighter-obsessed lately! I mean, who doesn't want to look glowy? If you haven't ventured into the world of highlighters yet, then you are certainly missin gout! ;)

Highlighters are amazing for not only perking up your complexion and making you look "glowy", but also for emphasizing bone structure.

Want tips on how to apply to use highlighter to bring out your bone structure and give yourself a dewy look? Check out the amazing Kandee Johnson's quick YouTube tutorial here. Great tips! I totally love her!

So, now on to the review! Please keep reading after the jump for photos and review!

  • As with all BeneFit products, the packaging is so stinkin cute! If Barbie owned a highlighter, then this would be it!!! :) You have to love the cute/catchy name and the pretty metallic pink tube and adorable label. This looks so cute sitting on top of my vanity! :)
  • The click dispenser: I like the "click up" dispenser (just like BeneFit's "That Gal" packaging). You need such a *tiny* amount of this product to highlight. Just a couple turns of the nob pushes up *just the right amount* of product to highlight your face. Highlighter is certainly a product that you don't want to "over do" and this style of applicator gives you a very controlled amount (so, no product gets wasted!). I must note, the first time I used it, it took MANY clicks for the product to come up (and then too much came out). So, be forewarned about that *initial* use.
  • Travel friendly. This tube is a great size for tossing in your purse or travel bag. You are not going to have to worry about product spillage or breakage with this air tight and non-breakable container.
The Product Itself: The low-down:
  • If High Beam and Moon Beam merged into one product, this would be it! Yes, if High Beam and Moon Beam had an offspring, Girl Meets Pearl would be their baby!!! The product has the pinkish tone of High Beam with the Gold-like shimmer of Moon Beam. Truly, it is the best of both High Beam and Moon Beam (with a better container)! I love it!!! What a beautiful goldish pinky pearl color! An ideal highlight shade!
  • Scent: Yes, there is a scent. It is nice and slightly "sweet". I can't quite describe it. But, it is like a very very light candy-like scent. I like it. Actually, I smell the tube every time I open the product just for the aroma! :) lol!
  • This liquid/cream product dries to a dewy finish and sets right after application. This product wears all day! I have had no trouble with this fading away!
  • The shimmer is lovely and very finely milled. You get a "wow-factor" shimmer without over the top sparkle! Just very very pretty!!! What a nice finish and shimmer! It is shimmery without being glittery. I just feel that this product perks up my skin and instantly makes me look more "fresh" and vibrant. The shimmer on this product just melts right into your skin (like pearl! hence the name!!!) and gives you a very luminous look! I love it! I think this product is very suited to my uber-fair complexion.
  • The price: Okay ya'll, the price is pretty high for this product, it retails for about $30. But, in general, I find that High End (HE) highlighters really are worth spending the extra money. You get pure shimmer with this highlighter, while many less expensive highlighters leave you looking like a disco glitter-ball. Also, since you only need a small amount of product, this will last you a long time.
How I wear:

After I am finished with all the rest of my makeup. I turn the product about 2 clicks and dab the product on my upper cheekbones, middle of nose, Cupid's bow, and upper brow (sometimes). You only need a tiny amount to give a beautiful and subtle glow! Easy-peasy!You can also mix a dab of this into your regular foundation to give yourself an all-over slightly dewy look!

Overall, this product is a total winner!!! I find this to be the ideal cream/liquid highlighter: the color, the texture, the scent, the shimmer, and the wear. Absolutley gorgeous!!! I will totally repurchase this whenever I run out! I totally recommend this!

As always, thanks for reading!!! Have ya'll tried this product? If not, what highlighters do you like? For a powder highlighter, my fave is Dior's Amber Diamond (see my review here).




Hollie said...

That has a very nice shimmer on it, has a beautiful shade too.

Unknown said...

Hi Hollie! Agreed! :)

Jenni said...

lol this item is on my wishlist >_< i swatched it at the stores and it was sooo pretty! But then I own both high beam and moon beam so maybe i'll mix them together and see what it's like, haha!

♥beauxs mom said...

Thanks so much for this review Im took it out of my cart for my next sephora haul cuz I wasn't sure about it but I'm so going to put it back in thanks so much I'm excited to get it now! Great review

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer-there ya go! Mix em together and see what you get! ;) Girl Meets Pearl is so pretty! I am really loving it! :)

@beauxsmom-Sure! And, lol, I am always filling up my sephora cart online too (without purchasing). :) Thanks for reading!!!

Clare said...

Great review, thanks for the swatches. Love your blog and so glad I came across it.

Juno said...

Thanks for the great review! I'm definitely gonna try this one. xx

Unknown said...

@ Clare-Thanks so much! I am glad you found me too! :)

@Juno-Thanks so much!!! :)

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