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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Total Rave!!! for Christian Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond (review)

Hello beauties! This is a mini-review for Dior's Diorskin Shimmer Star Powder in Amber Diamond. I say "mini" as those of your that read me regularly know that my reviews can get quite lengthy at times! LOL! What can I say, I am a "wordy" girl (and could go on-and-on about products I love)! Okay, I digress...back to the review! ;)

I absolutely adore this beautiful highlighter! Wow! What an absolutely *beautiful* compact! I mean, totally luxe! Seriously, this is probably one of my biggest makeup splurges ever for a single makeup item ($44), and my Christmas present to myself (Merry Christmas to me!). Thankfully, I was able to purchase this with the Sephora "Friends and Family"email gift card; so, I did get a good deal on this with $15 off! :) Yay! As I mentioned in my Sephora haul post, the lovely Tanya Burr, one of my fav YouTubers, frequently uses this product in her tutorials. Tanya has a great blog too, check her out here.

Lets start off with the packaging. This compact is soooooo nice! You open the box, and the compact itself is in a black velvet pouch with the initials CD on the front. What a great idea! I love to keep my compacts clean and scratch free for as long as possible and this velvet pouch will really protect this beautiful compact. It reminds me of how when you buy a nice handbag, it comes with a "dust bag", this is the same idea here, but for a compact. Too darn cute! The compact is a dark midnight blue with Dior in silver and the CD initials underneath. The compact is VERY sturdy. Ladies, this is what high end makeup is about! Very good quality luxe packaging!

Inside the compact is a large, compact sized mirror and a huge pan containing the powder. The powder itself is so lovely! It has strips of Ivory, champagne, tan, bronze, and peach. You can swirl these all together or apply bits of a single color. I, personally, like to swirl it all together to apply with a fluffy brush. I apply to the upper cheekbones, over the brow, and really any area that I want highlighted. Works nice as a brow bone highlight too (when worn more like a shadow).

The Sephora website states that this powder is finely milled with "jeweled microdust". The shimmer in this product is just the best that I have ever used. Hands-down, this highlighter has become a HG product for me. The powder is very finely milled so that the shimmer truly does fuse with your skin. This is not a "layer of glitter" like many other highlighters. It just gives a lovely "good skin" glow. Very wearable for every-day. You will not look over-done with this lovely powder.

This beautiful powder really "perks up" your skin. You will look lovely and healthy with this on. I always seem to get the "you have nice skin" compliments when I wear this!!! You can't beat that! When applied it gives a pretty sheer champagne shimmer color. The shade and finish on your skin somewhat reminds me of NARS Cococabana Multiple, but in powder form. There is no question that I feel this is worth the high price tag, as this seems to be the only powder highlighter that I reach for now.

So, much for a "mini" review, lol! Anyways, ladies, I highly recommend this product if you want to give your skin a beautiful and natural luminous glow!!! This is absolutely the most beautiful highlighter that I have ever used! This blows all other highlighters out of the water! If this is any indication of how good Dior's product are, then I might have to try more from this luxe line!


Kim Axani said...

Thanks for this!
I really need to buy it.
I love Dior makeup packaging, their eyeshadows are exactly the same with the velvet pouch - exquisite!

Unknown said...

@Miss*Kimmy-Hey girl! You would definitely not regret this purchase! Beautiful powder!!! :) thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Sharon said...

its very pretty hun,great buy&review I love Dior products they never fail me maybe hav2ask someone to get me ths for my birthday soon

Unknown said...

Hey Sher-can't wait to try more Dior products. Heres to hoping you get this for your b-day!!! :)

Toni Tralala said...

I'm a fan of Dior as well though it's a tad pricey, the results are well worth it. I have their mascaras that come in black and another in blue! <3

I'm inviting you to join my international giveaway! :)

Tracy D said...

Okay I love a product that gives a great glow, this sounds like one I HAVE to have. The packaging is so pretty thou I think I'd just want to admire it. Maybe I'll get a gift card for Christmas so I can try this out.

sugarbumpkin said...

Girl, where are the swatches??? =)

Unknown said...

@Sugarbumpkin-lol, I know!!! :) I need to try swatching again with better lighting as my flash "whites out" my skin and you cant see a good sample of the really just a light champage on me. :)

@mybestbeautybuys-Hey Tracy-hope you can get this with a giftcard too! You know, the packaging is pretty...BUT, since it is so durable, you can use it and the packaging has really retained its prettiness! ;)

@Toni-Yes, I hear Dior mascaras are fab! I will have to check those out! :)

Anonymous said...

You tempt me to splurge! :P This shade wouldn't suite me though.... Are there any other shades available?

Unknown said...

@Rizzie-Yes, there is another shade available, its called Pink Diamond, and it is more pink-based. :)

Sareezfashions said...

Realy useful stuffs.. cool..

Salwar Kameez

Gaby Fauchon said...

OMG! So pretty!

Unknown said...

Hey Gaby!!! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Ive heard so many great things about this product but just can't bring myself to spend money on it....grr
If it was a blush I probably would but I have so many different highlighters that I hardly ever use.
I will just have to live vicariously through you :)

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-I hear ya Alicia! It sure is pricey...i think if it had not been for the sephora gift card I would probaby not have purchased it yet. But, I am really having fun with it. Great for use as a shadow too! Thanks for stopping by!!! XOXO!!!

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