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Monday, February 7, 2011

Foundation Time! Cover Girl Natureluxe Foundation (review)

Cover Girl Natureluxe Foundation

I am so excited to finally be writing this review for the new Natureluxe Liquid Silk Foundation by Cover Girl. I have been diligently testing this out for the past few weeks and I am finally ready to post a review!!!

My foundation "history":

I must start out by saying that I am just getting back into liquid foundations. For years, I have been using only a very light dusting of powder foundation as I don't need much coverage and don't like the "feel" of heavy makeup. But, with the winter weather, my dry skin has just been too dry to work well with my beloved MAC Studio Fix powder foundation (it has been accentuating dry areas). Thus began my quest to find a great liquid foundation. So far, I really have loved a sample of NARS Sheer Glow. But, I would rather not pay the $ for a high-end (HE) foundation if I could find something nice at the drugstore. Who dosn't want a bargain, right!?!?

What I am looking for in a foundation (This is a tall order, lol!):
  • I need a foundation that works well with dry skin. One that doesn't emphasize dryness or cause flakiness.
  • Sheer coverage. I like my natural skin to show through. I luckily don't have any major skin issues (no acne, no scarring) So, I really don't have much to cover. I just need something to subtly even out the skin tone (you know, those pinker areas by the nose and mouth). I have a problem with dark under eye circles, but I don't expect a foundation to correct that. 
  • A light feel. I would ideally like it to feel like I don't have any on. So, I really want a weightless quailty.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. My skin reacts to so many ingredients with irritation. I need to be particularly selective with foundations with sunscreens as many chemical sunscreens cause a reaction (itchy skin and redness) on my skin. 
  • While my pores are not "large" per se, I don't want a foundation that settles into my pores/nor emphasizes pores or fine lines. 
Alrighty, now back to the review!!! For my thoughts on this foundation and swatches, please keep reading after the jump.

The packaging states "Foundation with a hint of jojoba extract and cucumber water, gives flawless, luxurious coverage with barely there feel".

My Shade:

I purchased the lightest shade 305 alabaster. I figured if there was a shade light enough for Taylor Swift, then there is one light enough for me! Tee-hee! But, honestly, it is *rare* when a drugstore foundation has a shade nearly light enough for my "Pale Porcelain Princess" (PPP skin), you MUAers will know the term! ;)

So, this 305 Alabaster is a pretty good match for my uber-fair skin (NC 15 in MAC Studio Fix, for reference). It is not a perfect match, but it melts into the skin so nicely that it becomes pretty undetectable. I am soooo happy to have found a shade light enough for me in this CG Natureluxe line. Yay!!!

Product is blended in below. Note how it is virtually undetectable on the skin!
It just melts right in! Wow! 


I have used fingers, a "classic" foundation brush, the elf flattop powder brush, and a sponge to apply this product. After trial and error, I find that this product applies best, for me, with a slightly damp sponge.

I just dab a very small amount on my forehead, nose, both cheeks, and my chin and blend it all out with the damp sponge. It only takes a few seconds and it works great!!! This product blends like a dream. What a quick and easy application! Seriously, this is just as easy as applying a quick dusting of powder! After applying, I follow up with under eye concealer and just a tad bit of translucent setting powder and that is all that I need!!! No other concealer is needed on other parts of my face as the subtle redness around my nose area is neutralized with a light application of this CG foundation.

The Texture: 

I really love the texture of this product. This glides on so smoothly. The product is thick like a gel/cream (not runny like a "liquid"). The product seems to just melt into my skin and become invisible (it "becomes one" with my skin!).

The Look: 

This foundation looks so natural, hence the name, right! I apply it for a light coverage, but you could build to medium depending on how much you apply. The best part: this does not accentuate any dry areas nor does it settle into my pores. My pores look more diffused when I wear this (and I don't even need a primer with this foundation).

The Feel: 

This honestly feels like I have nothing on my skin. My skin feels soft and velvety smooth to the touch when I wear this. This must be where the whole "silk" foundation comes to play. The silicones in the product give it a very smooth look and feel. The best way that I could describe the "feel"of this product is "comfortable". Which is HUGE!!! As some one with dry skin, "comfortable" is just a great thing!!! My skin seems to hold onto moisture a bit better with this on! Since testing this, I have not had any issues with dry patches (But, I must mention that in addition to this foundation, I am using a fabulous new moisturizer at night. So, I am waking up with skin that is more hydrated in the mornings before applying this product. If you are curious about my new moisturizer, please see my review here).

Other thoughts:
  • The finish is just slightly dewy and natural. Very nice!!! 
  • I have experienced no adverse reactions to this product. No breakouts and no irritation (I rarely breakout, but sometimes products can bring on some minor breakouts). 
  • This product holds up all day. It wears really well! I have no need for touch ups throughout the day. 
  • The scent: Yes, that's right. There is a slight scent added to this product. If it were up to me, everything would be unscented, lol (us sensitive gals have to watch out for product fragrance)! But, this scent does not bother me. It smells fresh. Like, cucumber? 
  • I really love that this comes in a squeeze tube. It keeps the product sanitary and is lightweight for travel. The packaging is appealing with the green makes you "think" that this is an all natural product (even though it has some natural ingredients, it is not all natural). 
  • The price: At around $10...not bad! Keep an eye out for coupons and sales as I picked mine up for right about $8.00.
So, in summary, I totally love this product and highly recommend it! For the great price, it is certainly worth a try! I love the texture and the feel of this product on my skin. The best part: It looks so natural! Love it! I am very happy that I picked this up!

I can't wait to see what else Cover Girl has in store for us for 2011! They really seem to be upping their game here! The new lipsticks look promising (and the packaging looks pretty too!). Has anyone tried those yet?

Hope you enjoyed reading!!! Have any of ya'll tried this foundation? How do you like it? Any foundations to recommend for dry skin? I would love to hear what you dry skinned girls are liking!



Jenni said...

thanks for your review :D I'd love to try this foundie and the lash blast mascara <3!

Sylwia Perri said...

I love your reviews! left me with no questions to ask about this product :) and this foundation is definitely worth trying!

Shaylee Anne said...

This sounds fantastic Pammy! I'm so glad you found a great drug store foundation!! I have been looking at this since it came out but again, it is much more expensive in Canada - I think around $17 at places other than Wal-Mart! (Personally, I don't think over $15 is even a "drugstore" price lol!) I might have to bite the bullet and try this though because it sounds amazing and obviously comes in a great variety of shades!! Thanks for the review!! :D XOXO

Unknown said...

Thank you for the review! I need a new foundation and i also want the same things out of a foundation like you. I hope it works for me!!

Justine (Productrater) said...

Nice review thanks! :)

Marisa said...

I love natural looking foundations.. even though I don't have perfect skin, I prefer showing a little bit of imperfections than a full face of cackey foundation (:

Unknown said...

@Jennifer-Great! Thanks! :)

@Syzia-Thank you! Yes, worth a try!

@Shaylee-Thanks girl!!! I totally agree, over $!5 shouldnt even be considered drugstore price (and even this full price at $10 is getting up there). I am not sure how this would wear for you as far as any mattifying abilities, but the texture and finish are lovely! :) XOXO!!!

@Aubrey-I hope this works for you too! :)

@Justine-Thanks!!! :) XOXO!!!

@Marisa-Agreed, I prefer natural over cakey any day! :)

Cydonian said...

I really want to try this! I've seen so many positive reviews and I think you've convinced me ;-) Do you think I should get the lightest? I'm about NC20 but probably NC15 in Mac's liquids (powder is more forgiving). Maybe I should try the next shade darker...

Unknown said...

Hey Wendy!!! Yes, you should probably get the lightest one (I would think). Funny, I am NC 15 in MAC powder but a NW 20 in liquid! I must have some pretty neutral tones in my skin. I think the NC 15 is my best match though. I can't remember what the next shade darker is. If it helps, it looks to dark on my skin coming out of the tube, but as soon as I seems to match perfectly! I just think the shade is very "forgiving"! :)

Sharon said...

great review hun sounds like a really nice foundation.We dont have Covergirl in e UK. I also have dry&sensitive skin but I have found Nars sheer glow works really well for me its my HG,

Unknown said...

Hey Sher! Yes, I remember that you like the NARS sheer glow! :) I didn't realize that you guys dont have Cover Girl in the UK!

Erika Lim said...

thanks for the review! I just picked this up lol yea I know I didnt really jump on the bandwagon at the moment til now. Aha! Well I'll also probably make a review on it as well. We'll see how it goes ><!

Unknown said...

@alysiahh-I hope you like it! :)

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