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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream (review)

Hello my dear readers!

Anyone out there looking for an eye cream? I know that I am constantly searching for a good one! So, I am always trying out new eye creams and looking for "the one"! :)

My "Eye Background" and "What am I looking for in an eye cream?":
  • I have no major wrinkles or lines (yet!), but when my skin gets very dry, fine lines can form around the eye area. So, I need an eye cream that is nicely hydrating. I also don't have any issues with under eye bags or anything like that.
  • One of my main skincare and eye concerns is my issue with very dark under eye circles. I am plagued by these. Dark circles can be caused my many contributing factors. In my case, all factors are present: allergies, heredity, and general lack of sleep. I am a triple threat! A triumvirate of dark "circle-ness"! ;) Over the years, I have generally given up hope that an eye cream can actually treat or prevent dark circles. But part of me always hopes for a "miracle cure"!
  • Because of my dark circles, I need my eye creams to provide a rich and moisturized base for application of opaque concealers.
  • My eye area is VERY prone to milia. I need an eye cream that does NOT cause milia.
  • Also, my skin is very sensitive.
All my eye area skin concerns really limits my eye cream options! So many products out there irritate my sensitive skin or cause milia. So, I usually look for something really "basic". I just want a gentle cream that is hydrating and that provides a nice base for concealer. If there are added benefits like "anti-aging" or great ingredients, then that is just a bonus!

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream:

According to the packaging and the website, the Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream "promotes collagen production while brightening the skin, eliminating dark circles, and reducing under eye puffiness". This product contains a vitamin C derivative (Ascorbyl Glucoside) which "lightens circles", Aescin which "improves circulation and puffiness", and Alpha Bisabalol which "accelerates cell healing and controls redness".

For my review on Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream, please keep reading after the jump!

"The Basics" on Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream:
  • Nourish eye cream contains natural ingredients.
  • This product has non-scented. I love this!!!
  • Colbert MD Nourish Eye cream retails for approximately $110  for a .5 fl.oz. jar. (yes, whew! That price is a bit steep). But, I do believe you are getting a high quality product here. Also, a little goes a long way. So, a .5 oz jar should last you awhile. I only need to apply a tiny amount of this product per eye.
  • This product comes in a pretty frosted glass jar container. Ya'll know that I generally prefer eye creams that come in tubes (more sanitary), but this jar is simple and pretty. But, I would rather have it in a tube as I don't like having to dip my fingers in a product.
  • The eye cream is very light and "fresh" in texture. It does not feel greasy to the touch.
  • The cream absorbs like a dream and leaves no greasy residue. The eye area is left matte, moisturized, and soft. A great basic eye cream!
Application Tip:

Be very careful not to get this product in your eyes!!! When in a hurry one morning, I accidental got the eye cream in my eyes and it stung terribly and it caused my eye to water. So, be very careful when you apply. When applied correctly, the product absorbs very fast, so you will not have to worry about it "seeping" into your eyes. Just don't put any directly in your eyes as I accidentally did! (lol, I am such a klutz)

What I love about this eye cream:

I love how quickly this eye cream absorbs! Don't you hate it when you apply an eye cream and then have to wait around "forever" for it to absorb so that you can do your eye makeup? Well, not the case with this Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream. It absorbs like a dream!!! This product is good for light moisturization.

I love that it is non-scented and non-greasy. Great for a daytime eye cream as you are not going to get that "shiny" look that some greasier eye creams cause.

This product does not irritate my very sensitive skin nor does it cause milia! This is *huge* as my skin is so sensitive and also prone to milia. So, yay for that!!!

Improvement in Appearance of Dark Under Eye Circles:

Yes! You read that correctly!!! This product did *slightly* improve the appearance of my uber-dark under eye circles. Wow! I totally was not expecting that (even though the package states that it helps with this)

No, my dark circles are not gone completely (as there are so many contributing factors and may "layers" of darkness). The "lightening" that I experienced is what I would describe as a "surface lightening" or "Brightening" (almost as if the surface skin was "bleached"-no, it didn't turn white, but can you imagine what I am describing?). The deep dark under-the-surface circles are still there, but the "surface skin" appears both lighter and brighter!!! In addition, I noticed that the redness around my eye area was slightly diminished as well.

The area started getting lighter after about 3-5 days of product testing with the brightness leveling out at around 2 weeks of used. I apply the eye cream both mornings and at night before bed. I really haven't experienced this type of brightening with any other eye cream that I have tested. I am impressed!
I thought maybe it was "just me", but I have gotten a few comments from others. A co-worked commented that "your eye area looks so bright" and my husband commented "your circles don't look as bad lately" (all of that without them knowing I was testing a new cream). So, the difference is noticeable not only to me, but to others too. So, yay!!!

Other thoughts:

My only wish is that this eye cream was slightly more moisturizing. I apply such heavy-duty concealers under my eyes that I need a super hydrating base. But, after my initial 3 week test of using *only* this eye cream, I have been adding a layer of either eye serum (Olay's Eye Lifting Serum) on top of this eye cream in the mornings and that seems to provide me with a better base for my under eye concealer. That way I get the best of both worlds, the beneficial ingredients and the "eye brightening" effects from the Colbert Nourish Eye Cream and the "smoothing" benefits from the silicons in the Olay Serum.

So, I summary, I really love this eye cream. I will continue to use this product when not testing out other eye creams because of its great ability to subtly lighten my dark under eye circles and decrease redness in the under eye area. Also just because it just works well without irritation and it doesn't cause milia!The website states that the Nourish Eye Cream promotes long term collagen production (so, only time will tell on that claim). I enjoy the results from this product so much that I would love to explore the rest of the Colbert MD range of skincare.

As always, thanks for reading!!! I would love to know, have any of ya'll had any luck with eye creams as far as under eye lightening?


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