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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Tale of a Tiny Palette: Revlon Multi-Use Palette Review

tiny palette in my tiny hand, tee-hee!

Hello there dear readers!

Its review time again! Whoo-hoo! LOL, at my own excitement!!! I am in the midst of testing a ton of products right now; so, it is always exciting for me to actually get to the point where I am sitting here writing a review (as I like to test items for a period of time so that I can really give ya'll the *scoop*!)!

This review is for Revlon's Multi-Use Palette. This is another item from a great swap that I had with Canadian blogger Shaylee at Cosmetically Curious. She also reviewed this item here. This was, I believe, a limited edition item from Revlon that I was not able to find locally (although I am sure it was/still is available depending on where you live). So, I am very happy that Shaylee picked this up for me!

As ya'll know, I love the idea of mini-palettes: items that are functional yet travel and purse friendly. OMG...when I saw this palette, I literally could not get over how *tiny* it is! I mean it is only a 2 in X 2in square (the pan size is *tiny*!)!!! Really, its adorable, but it practically feels like a "sample" size. Or a palette fit for a fairy, lol! ;) Being a rather small/petite person myself, tiny is not a bad thing (giving a big "wink" to all my fellow petite readers out there!). So, with the small size, this palette may travel everywhere with me, hence the "Tale of the Tiny palette"! ;)

The "Scoop" on this cute Palette:
  • This palette contains 2 cream eye shadows, 1 cream blush, one cream highlighter/shadow, and one lipstick. At first glance, these shades might not look like ones to be worn together. But, really they look very nice worn together as the shadows/blush/highlighter are all very sheer and subtle with the lip shade as a nice "pop" of color. If I am going to go for a bolder lip shade, I like to go more subtle with the rest of my color cosmetics.
  • Generally, all the shadows are sheer (very light in pigmentation) but are somewhat "buildable" in color. Because of their sheerness, you will not get a dramatic look with these colors. The overall look here is very subtle, but also pretty! Sometimes less is more, and I find that I like wearing sheer/natural shades like these on the weekends when I want to look less "done up".
  • The texture of the shadows, blush, and highlighter are smooth and creamy. They apply and blend very nicely and feel good on the skin. I love the feel of cream shadows on my eyes in the winter.
  • The products can be applied with your fingers or with a brush. I like using my e.l.f concealer brush to apply the cream shadows, my fingers to apply the brow highlight, my fingers for applying the cheek color (you couldn't possibly fit a blush brush into that small pan-the fingers work fine here, and the lip brush or my fingers to apply the lip color).
  • The White color could be used as a highlighter or as a cream eyeshadow. It is a sheer white shadow containing gold micro shimmer (which is quite glittery when applied). I think it is best suited as a shadow as I really don't want full-on glitter on the face. The glitter finish on this shadow really lasts all day (even though the color fades over time, the glitter seems to stay put). I like using this as a "wash" of color over the lids, a brow bone highlight, or an inner corner highlight.
  • The brown shadow is a pretty shimmery medium brown that applies very sheer on the lid. I like this color in the crease or outer corner to just give the eye a "tad" of definition.
  • The steel blue/grey shadow is matte and also very sheer. I like this color as it is a close match to my eyes. This looks nice worn on the lid or along the lash line. But, overall is my least-used color in this set. I do wish that this one was a bit more pigmented as the shade itself is so pretty.
  • I did experience some creasing with the shadows and fading throughout the day. The creasing could be lessened by trying to apply with a lighter hand or wearing with a good primer. As far as the wear, they wore about as expected as cream shadows typically do not last nearly as long on my lids as powder. I truly would like to find a long-lasting cream shadow.
  • The blush is a matte cream true peach color. It applies on the cheeks as a lovely peachy-pink. What a lovely and natural shade! I absolutely love this cheek color!!! Very pretty shade for my fair skin tone (a nice "perk up" color for winter). I do wish that the cheek color was bigger though. I can see that I will run out of this quickly. I am thinking the blush pan should be slightly larger that the shadow pans (maybe add a 3rd drawer?). Just a thought!
  • Okay, so I saved the best for last! I absolutely adore this lip color!!! Now, let me tell ya'll. I am not normally a red-lips girl. I tend to go for more dramatic eyes with nude or soft pink lips. So, doing red lips is really branching out for me. But, as you all now, red lips are really on-trend right now. Well, this palette is worth it alone just for this totally lovely red lipstick!!!
  • The color is a true blue-toned red. Going back to my whole interest in the color wheel and color theory (see my article on color theory and under eye circles), blue-toned reds are fabulous for making your teeth look whiter! Also, with my cool-toned skin, blue/reds are extremely wearable for those with my complexion. This lipstick gives the lips a beautiful blue-red berry stain. I like to apply this either with the lip brush provided in the palette (Yay! for that) or to dab on with my fingers for a "less done" look. Great alone or topped with a sheer gloss. Beautiful!!! I find myself reaching for this palette just for this lovely lip color!
  • If you think that you can't do might reconsider after trying this palette with this beautiful red lipstick! This makes me want to branch out and try more Revlon lipsticks!!! Very classy color! A total perk-up for winter pale skin. :)
  • The shadows in this palette are good if you are looking for "sheer" color. You won't get any drama with these (the colors fade and you can't apply too thickly without creasing). BUT, the cheek color and the lip color in this palette are both fabulous! So, for me, the palette is worth it for the cheek and lip colors! 
Hope you enjoyed reading my "Tale of a Tiny Palette". This little goody is going to be a frequent traveler in my purse! Perfect size to carry around with you for during-the-day touch ups!

I would love to hear from you all! Are there any cream shadows that you readers are really liking right now? I would love to find some longer-wearing cream shadows that have more pigmentation. Or, have you tried any other Revlon cream shadows?


sugarbumpkin said...

What a cute palette! I have a few of the creme shadow quads, but haven't been particularly impressed with them. The color has to be sheered out and spread thinly to prevent creasing, but then you can't see the colors too well.

Unknown said...

@Sugarbumpkin-Sounds like the regular creme shadow quads are similar to these shadows then. I wish the color would come across bolder, but you are right, when you apply it that thickly, it creases. But, for a "natural" look with sheer color these are good. The best part of this palette, for sure, is the lip color! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I've never seen these before (well actually only on Shaylee's blog). That does look so tiny. Knowing me, I would probably lose it within a couple of days. Great detailed review as always.

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Hey Alicia! Thanks girl! You and I both like to get wordy in our reviews, right (love that about your blog, BTW!!!)! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

I'm so glad you like this Pammy!! I love mine too (and am a fellow petite - hehe!! I'm only 5'0"!) I was really blown away with the red lipstick in this palette, it really is an amazing shade! Thanks so much for the shout out girl!


Unknown said...

@Shaylee-Yes! I totally love this cute little palette (can you tell, lol!). :) Yep, that red shade rocks! I would have never found this had you not sent it...I honestly think it wasnt released in my, thanks again to you! And, you know I love to give you a shout-out anytime girl!!! And, tee-hee...techically, I am on the taller-side of petite, but my frame is petite for sure! ;) I always "feel" tiny! You will see more reviews from our swap in upcoming posts! XOXO!!!

Marie a la Mode said...

Great review! I've tried Revlon's cream eye shadow palette and it totally creased on me : (

Anonymous said...

The palette is so cute! I'd love to have it! :)

Unknown said...

@Marie a la Mode-Thanks girl! :) Yes, I think I might pass on other Revlon cream shadows...

@Rizzie aka Lip Gloss Lover-Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Texas Type A Mom said...

Hi there! I'm a new follower and awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Don't feel forced to participate, but if you want to, you can find it here:

Kim Axani said...

Thanks for this review!
I love how thorough and comprehensive your review always are =)
p.s. Thanks for the little award you emailed me about - I appreciate it! =)

Unknown said...

@Texas Type A Mom-OMG, thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet!!! I normally don't post comments with links, but make exceptions in cases like this. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Unknown said...

@Miss*Kimmy-Hey girl! Thank you! :) And, also, you are welcome! I love your blog!!! XOXO!!!

Cydonian said...

ha ha the little tiny jokes you interspersed in the review made me giggle... I'm tiny too! This looks like a neat little palette, I like the lipcolor... but I'd totally lose it if it' that small... lmao

Unknown said...

@Cydonian-Hey Wendy! LOL! I am *so glad* you get my bite-size humor here...I had some fun writing this post! ;) And, us tiny girls rock, right! The lipcolor in this one is really TDF! I am so loving the Revlon lately!!! XOXO!!!

Jannie said...

i love multi-purpose products like this. you don't need to bring or use a lot of products to get made up while traveling. it's neat how it's all in this tiny palette. i think this would be really nice to bring to work too. it would be nice if this were to be available here in the US or if revlon can come up with another palette just like this. :)

Unknown said...

@Jannie-So true! :) And, Funny...I just saw this product on display with a "new" Revlon collection at my Walgreen's yesterday!!! So, looks like it is now released in my area. :)

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