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Friday, January 14, 2011

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow and e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush: Reviews

Hey there my readers! It's review time again!!!

This review is for the new e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn and e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush in flirt.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow: Dawn

Wow!!! This is the longest lasting cream eyeshadow that I have ever tried! Seriously! I have not tried any that wear as well as this one!!!

Here's the low-down:
  • The packaging: The packaging is the very sleek and modern Studio Line packaging. I like the classic styling and clean lines. BUT, for .36 oz of product, the container is needlessly bulky. I mean, its huge! Not travel friendly nor storage friendly. But, it looks nice! 
  • The shade Dawn: What a super lovely neutral shade!!! Dawn is a champagne taupe shade with gold shimmer. The shimmer does transfer to the lid, but it is subtle and lovely. Great for an overall wash of neutral color. This shadow is highly pigmented, but this particular shade is so close to my skin tone that it doesn't show that much. Looks very natural on me. Great pigmentation! A very nice shade for my cool skin tone and blue eyes. Please see swatches below.
  • Wears well with or without primer! Wow, this cream shadow lasts all day! I actually had to "remove" it with makeup remover! That speaks volumes as literally *all* the cream shadows that I have tried faded away to nothing in a few hours. 
  • No creasing! Period.
  • Works great as a shadow or as a shadow base/primer
  • You can apply with fingers or with a concealer brush. The product goes on a bit "bumpy" at first but is easily smoothed down. Dries perfectly! 
  • The Price: $3.00. Not bad! I got this during an amazing 50% off sale, so it was only $1.50! 
In summary, e.l.f. has a winner with these new cream eyeshadows! I would love to try more shades!!!

e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush: Flirt

What a unique product! For real, I don't think I have ever tried a blush with a texture quite like this! 

The Low-Down:
  • The packaging: Like the Studio Cream Eyeshadow, the packaging is needlessly large and bulky. I mean, the blush especially is huge. Ya'll know how I like my products to be storage and travel friendly. But, the overall design is sleek and nice. 
  • The texture: Let's talk about this as I know I got ya'll curious. The texture is somewhat mousse-like...but, feels dry to the touch. The best descriptive I can think of is "spongy". It feels air-infused. Like a if Maybelline Dream Mousse Blushes had a baby with a kitchen sponge??? LOL! But, really it does not have the "slip" of a typical "cream" product. It dries to a powder finish and feels like a powder as soon as you swipe your fingers on it. It is really quite odd! But, also very unique!
  • The Shade: Flirt is a *bright* matte pink! As a big fan of pink in general, I love that! The color you see in the photos is exactly the color you see in the container and the color it wears on your skin. Color represents true from container to skin. This shade gives a very "doll like" look to my porcelain skin. What a nice pop of color to brighten up my pale winter skin. 
  • The Finish and the Wear: Product dries to a powder finish. The wear is amazing. These e.l.f. Studio cream products are really unlike any other cream products that I have tried, that fade quickly. This blush will wear beautifully all day! 
I totally love this blush and would love to try more shades! I found that these two shades (the shadow and the blush) paired really nicely with each other as the blush is such a strong shade and the shadow so natural. I usually like to only "play up" one feature at a time. So, a bright blush pairs nicely with a subtle eye. 

Have any of ya'll tried the e.l.f. Studio cream eyeshadows or cream blushes??? I would love to know what shades you have tried and if you like them. I would love to get more colors of the shadow especially! 

As always, thanks for reading!!!


Lisamarie and Christelle said...

Hi Pammy, I tried e-mailing you but maybe you are having issues? Just wanted to make sure you got your package it is being shown as delivered on my end...?

Best, Lisamarie

Jenni said...

the swatches looked pigmented <3!! and Elf items are such a steal :D i just wish they're more accessible in Asia!

Unknown said...

Hey Lisamarie! I just emailed you back! :) I haven't gotten the package yet as Atlanta has been snowed in with no mail delivery since Saturday. I am assuming that mail delivery will start today (and am super excitd as that means your package will arrive hopefully today!!!). I will email you when I get it! XOXO!!

Unknown said...

@Eyeling...Hey Claire, lol, I guess I wouldnt mind the bulky packaging as much if I wasnt running out of room in my makeup storage area! lol, time to clean some things out! :)

@Priscilla-Yes this blush rocks...and you know, this is maybee a cream shadow that you can applies and wears so differently than any others that I have tested (I am assuming similar to a MAC paint pot? But, can't say for sure as I have no paint pots).

@Jennifer-Yes, nice and pigmented!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by!!!!

Tracy D said...

Pammy I think the line about the Maybelline mousse blush having a baby with a sponge has to be one of the most descriptive of all time, haha...that cracked me up. I think for the price how can I not own these...I mean really, too gorgeous.

Unknown said...

@mybestbeautybuys-LOL Tracy! I am glad you enjoyed that line!!! Yes, for the price, you must try these!!! :) Glad I could crack you up, and when you get one and feel it you will know exactly what I am talking about! ;)

sugarbumpkin said...

I've been wanting to check these out for a little while now but I honestly have waaaaayyyy too many cream blushes to work with. I'll get around to it haha.

Unknown said...

@sugarbumpkin-Well, you can wait for another good sale. I must say though, this is unlike any other cream blush I have tried. :)

Shaylee Anne said...

That blush colour is fantastic! Actually, so is the shadow! I can't believe how well this shadow wears! Not even my Creaseless Benefit Shadows wear that well! I'm going to have to place an order at soon! :)

Unknown said...

@Shaylee-Hey girl! I know, the cream shadow wears amazingly well! I have no doubt that you would love both products!!! XOXO!!!

Melody said...

finally cracked open my elf order & used the cream blush on a client today (sorry don't remember the shade, but she loved it) I did use the stipple brush & it went on amazing & the end result was fantastic! I loved it. Thx for the review on the crm eyeshadow...will pick some up.
*Makeup Artist rec: using the stipple brush gave me better control & great finish. (fingers/sponges were streaky)

Unknown said...

@Melody-Thanks so much for the MUA tip!!! I am going to try wearing that blush applied with a stippling brush today. :)

Melody said...

Hi Pammy,
you're welcome for the tip : ) It will look like you haven't picked up any colour on the brush at first but you can dip into the pot often to get the best build up of colour that becomes "one" with the skin.
(love that you mentioned "one" I'm a big believer in makeup that looks part of you)


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