Pammy Blogs Beauty: OMG...coming soon: Sephora Presents Hello Kitty!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

OMG...coming soon: Sephora Presents Hello Kitty!!!

Hello my dear readers!

Couldn't resist doing one quick post before going to bed tonight because I am so excited!!! OMG!OMG!OMG!!! Have you heard that Sephora is releasing a Hello Kitty line???

You all may not know that I am a long-time fan of Hello Kitty! Seriously!!! I mean, picture me with pigtails and a Hello Kitty lunchbox...yes, that much of a fan! Funny thing, I still use Hello Kitty containers to pack my lunch for work (always a girlie-girl at heart here)! So, ya'll know I am excited about this!

If you click this link, you can sign up to be notified by Sephora about the upcoming release! :) I can't wait!!!

Edited to is what I am eyeing from the collection! I am soooooo tempted to take part of the Beauty Insider preview sale, but I really need to spend my money on Christmas shopping for others! So, I might have to wait for next month for these goodies!!! 

This compact is just WAY too cute!!!

Ya'll know I love a good blush stick!!! 

Good night beauties!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you try any of the products from the MAC Hello Kitty line? :)

Marisa said...

omg Can't wait!!!! I love hello kitty <3

Unknown said...

@Rizzie-No, actually, I didn't get anything from the MAC Hello Kitty line as I was on a makeup buying hiatus at that time. But, I am *always* looking at MAC's Hello Kitty collection on ebay!

@Marisa-I know! So exciting, right!!!

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