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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tips for Getting the very Best Results from your Colorist: Hair Salon Tips

My colorist, Anne, and myself (with fresh highlights! Yay!!!)

Hello my dear beauties! As I just had my bi-monthly highlights salon appointment, I thought it would be a great time to post some tips for getting the best results from your hair colorist.

I love going to the salon! I have been going to Van Michaels for years and have always been impressed with how they do things there. You always get served a beverage of your choice, the stylists are very professional and knowledgeable, and the salon itself is sleek and trendy. Plus, you get some "extras" scalp, back, or hand massages; and the whole salon smells like yummy Aveda products! Those little "extra" personal touches really make the experience. For me, going to the salon is so relaxing! But, you can only be relaxed when you trust that you are in good hands and will get good results, right?

With good communication, you can really maximize your experience in the well as get the service and result that you desire! My colorist Anne (who is a colorist and educator at Van Michaels) was kind enough to let me interview her, so please check out her tips!!! below.

My Salon tips (that I have gathered through the years):
  • If you know someone with great hair, ask them who does their color! The best way to find a great new colorist is by seeing their finished work! :) I know that I have referred many people over the years to my various colorists and hair stylists.
  • If you are trying a new salon or a new colorist, make an consult appointment with them first before considering making a full appointment. I can not stress this enough! This way you will get to meet the colorist have him/her take a look at your hair. You can discuss the look you would like to achieve and get their input. Think of this as a bit of an "interview". You certainly want to be comfortable with your colorist and their skills.  Also, they can determine what sort of service that you need: all over color, partial foil, full foil, etc. This is a great time to communicate your "hair goals" and to get input from a professional. 
  • If your salon has different stylists for cut and color, then ask your hair stylist who is good with color, or vice versa. That is a great way to get a new reference.
  • Have realistic expectations. Example: If you have dark brown/black hair, it is going to be hard to turn you light blond without damaging your hair.  You want to find a colorist who has your hair's best interest at heart and who is concerned with the integrity of your hair (keeping your hair healthy!).
  • Be specific with your requests. Using vague descriptive like, "I want to be blonder" can cause confusion. Your definition of "blonder" and your stylists definitions of "blonder" might be totally different. Take time to really explain what you would like and listen to the colorist's feedback to see if that is achievable with the current color and condition of your hair.
  • If you find someone that you like, stick with them! Unless the experience is totally unpleasant (with bad results), I usually like to try a colorist at least 3 times before I decide if I am going to stick with them for the long haul. If you are making subtle changes in your hair, it might take a few color sessions (across a span of months) to get you hair exactly how you would like it. Especially, if you are having any sort of color correction. 
  • Finding a good colorist and sticking with them can really get you fabulous results! The colorist can get to know your personal style and preferences as well as be completely familiar with your hair color,  texture, and the condition of your hair. They will *know* what works on you. Building trust is *key* here. I love being able to go in for my color appointment and saying to my colorist, Anne, "What do you think? You know me, I trust your judgement". Then I just relax and enjoy the pampering and the Aveda tea while getting "fresh" color!   
What can I say? I must love you readers if I am including this!
Yep, the foils are such a good look for me... ;) LOL!!!
I am just about to go under the dryer. FYI: this is a partial highlight :)

I mentioned to my fabulous colorist, Anne, that I was writing this blog article and she was very happy to participate! I see Anne at the Van Michael Salon in Atlanta (Buckhead Location).

My questions:

1. What are some of the main things that you want to know when someone sits in your chair for the first time? 

Anne: Things i need to know (no order)
  • What do you love (or have you loved in the past) about your color?
  • What do you love the least?
  • How much maintenance? (how often do you want to come in)
  • What are your priorities...healthy hair? long hair? blondest hair possible? 
  • What's on your hair? Includes any color or chemical no matter if it was 5 months ago, or 5 years!
  • How often do you plan on changing it?
2. What specific products do you recommend for color treated or highlighted/damaged hair? I would love to list out your specific product recommendations for highlighted/color treated hair.

Anne: products:

  • Highlighted: any Aveda shampoo (unless severely damaged, then Damage Remedy) Damage Remedy Conditioner then a Protein Treatment once a week.
  • If brassiness is a problem, then use Aveda's Blue Malva Shampoo. 
  • Red or Grey coverage needs Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and any Aveda conditioner.
  • But, please keep in mind that *product needs are totally different for everyone though*!

3. What are some tips on how to care for your freshly highlighted/color treated hair? 

  • Wash as infrequently as possible!
  • If you have to, try only rinsing and conditioning, or only washing your bangs.
  • Try to use as little heat as possible. Try air drying, especially if you have to use a curling or straightening iron.
  • If you have long or heavily highlighted hair, your hair is very fragile! It breaks the most easily when it's wet. So, be gentle! 
  • After shampooing, try detangling with a pick or wide tooth comb in the shower as you rinse the conditioner out.
Hope you all enjoyed reading Anne's expert tips as well as the tips that I have gathered through the years. If you have any great salon "tips", please leave them in the comments below as I would love to hear em! :)


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@Madiha-Thanks for stopping by! :)

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this is so helpful! thank you so much! I love your hair!

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Your new hair is lovely :)

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@dodo-Thanks!!! :) Glad you think this info is helpful! :)

@Cydonain-Awhh! Thanks Wendy! :) I am super happy with the results! :)

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