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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Use it Up" Product Challenge!

Hello lovelies! If you are anything like me, then you have *way* too many products laying around. Some that you totally love and others that you are just "meh"/so-so about. Well, I am trying to challenge myself to use up as many products as I can! So, if you are reading this...and feel the same way, then consider yourself "tagged" for my "Use it Up" Product Challenge!!! :) 

I am thinking that I will do a periodic posting of the products that I have completely used up. Maybe a monthly post? I need some motivation to use up some of the products that I don't use frequently (because of loving other products of similar type better).  

The true test of a great product is one that you use up and repurchase over and over! I would love to see what you ladies are using consistently and repurchasing. Those are really our go-to items, right?!?! 

Pictured here are 3 items that I *totally* love (true HG status for all) and have just about completely used them up. 
  • The Clean & Clear lotion I use to soothe razor irritation on the bikini line. It is actually a facial lotion, but the salicylic acid in it works great to soothe bumps. Totally inexpensive and works great. Will repurchase immediately as I totally love this! 
  • The Redken All Soft Conditioner is my basic everyday HG conditioner. I use in conjunction with the entire All Soft line (review coming soon...this week!). The entire All Soft line is fabulous...including this conditioner. 
  • Redken Extreme Anti-Snap is a leave in conditioner/protein treatment. I will review more in depth in an upcoming blog post (as part of my continuing "Protein Treatment Series" blog posts/articles). This is a leave-in that contains proteins and lipids and generally great things for your highlighted/damaged hair. I absolutely adore the scent and find it *perfect* to tame fly aways when your hair is dry. I work one pump of this through my hair. 

  • Just thought of one more item as I was typing this!!! So, I snapped another photo for you all! Twinlabs Na-PCA spray. I LOVE this stuff...and, actually have a back up waiting already. It is an aloe based concentrated solution of sodium salt. This is what naturally attracts water to your skin by pulling water out of the air. The ability of the skin to hold water is directly related to the Na PCA content of your skin (taken directly from the bottle label). This stuff is fantastic! I have normal to dry skin and I spray this on my hands that then pat my hands on my face. So, I sorta use this as a "toner". It really makes a difference with my skin! You can find this at Health Food stores and online (usually get through Amazon). It is inexpensive and works great! Also, a great way to provide moisture to acne prone skin as this will absolutely not clog your pores. I discovered this back when I was having some trouble with breakouts years ago and needed a way to add moisture without adding something "clogging". Totally love and adore this stuff! 
Hope you all enjoyed reading! Would love to hear what you are all using up this month! So, tag yourself for this "Challenge" if you like!


Coming soon:
-Redken All Soft Line review
-Protein treatment series (cont)
-Too Faced Glamour To Go: Fairy Edition


Shaylee Anne said...

I must say, you are brave! I hardly ever finish anything but now I'm going to be on the look out for the things I find myself using every single day and anything I have repurchased! As for empties, those don't come around often (Do my Mario Badescu samples count? lol) but if I find some I'll be sure to let you know what they are!

Oh, and by the way, that clean and clear for bikini line?! GENIUS! I'm going to Wal-mart today to get that! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee! LOL! Yes, Mario Badescu samples should totally count!!! ;) (By the way, I'm almost ready to do my review...lets coodinate our posts over email?, my email is listed at the bottom of the blog)

...but, yes, those empties are few-and-far between, so I am going to try to motivate to use up particular things (and get my bathroom organized and less cluttered).

Yes, the C&C works so great for the bikini line! :)

Publisher said...

I have recently started to use up things before I open a new one. I didn't know the C&C is good for the bikin line, what a great idea, might give it a go! I'm interested to see what you think of the Redken products, have had my eye on them for a while. Great post!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ladies!!! Yes...Redken totally rocks! I would say at leat 75% of the products I use on my hair are Redken. Thanks for the comments MakeupJunkie and DanniiBeauty! :) I know I need the motivation to "use up" some items as I am running out of space in my bathroom, LOL!

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

I have a stockpile of conditioners that I have to consume but, but I wanna try more products..I also want to try Redken but we don't have that brand here :(

Unknown said...

I hear ya! @makeu, hauls, etc! I'm going to hopefully make a dent in my stockpile :)

JamieJ said...

I use and re-purchase Proactiv step one. I don't particularly care for their marketing plans, but the scrub is the best on the market for my skin, which is oily in the T-zone :)

Unknown said...

Totally agree Bestie Jamie! :) You introduced me to the scrub and I am sure it will be a repurchase for me down the road! XOXO! :)

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