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Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Glitter Makeup!!!

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us? Time to "break out" the glitter!!! :)

As a HUGE fan of glitter, I love it when the holidays roll around so that I can have an "excuse" to play with glitter! I mean, for just can't do glitter without looking "over the top". But, for going out, the holidays, etc...perfect!

NYX: Glitter Cream Palette:

For Halloween this year, I picked up one of NYX's glitter cream palettes on a whim...and, turns out, I love it! I have never used "glitter cream" before...its great! You won't get glitter everywhere like with loose glitter...just where you place it. This glitter is suspended in a waxy base, so that it will stick where you want to apply it. I like to use it as a "topper" over eyeshadow (just on the lid or inner corner) or a dab in the middle of the lips (with the pink glitter). NYX has quite a selection of colors and palettes. I picked up the 01 Paradise as I liked the assortment of glitter colors: pink, dark/multi, iridescent, true gold, and true silver glitters. I apply with my fingers. LOVE!!! And, NYX is very affordable and constantly on sale at Ulta. So, if you love to sparkle on the Holidays...go pick this up!

Essence Crystal Eyeliner:

This eyeliner by essence is a clear liquid liner with silver and iridescent glitter. I got the shade 02 dazzling silver. Super easy to apply. I use this to top my upper lash line over my gel eyeliner. Very pretty and a "subtle" way to wear glitter. As you know, I LOVE essence super cheap...I believe I got this for $1.99. There was an assortment of about 5 different colors. (FYI-NYX also makes a glitter liner). I used to have a VERY similar glitter liner by Urban Decay: Heavy Metal, but it got, I replaced it with this. Works EXACTLY the same as the Urban Decay, but for only a couple of dollars. I don't even know...does Urban Decay still make the Heavy Metal liners? I had that one for years...either way, this Essence liner is a total dupe for the Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner!

Loose Glitter:
Loose glitter is so versatile, but a bit messy. I have a variety of glitters (most of them pretty old by Wet n Wild-but hey, glitter doesn't got "bad" ???). You can also pick up glitter super cheap from the craft store. I like loose glitter to dip just the tips of my nails for a "glitter" french manicure. After you have painted your nails with a nude polish (and let dry)...paint on some clear polish on just the tips and dip into your glitter. Tap off excess or use a q-tip to "clean up"....looks cute and festive! (got this idea from bubzbeauty on youtube).

What glitter products do ya'll like? And, how do you like to use it? Would love to hear more creative ideas for glitter!

Hope you enjoyed reading!



Unknown said...

LOL! Yes, I understand! :) Ulta has a ton of selection with these palettes...the glitter is just so pretty/fun! Let me know if you end up picking one of these up. :)

Cydonian said...

I'm interested to see your FOTD with the glitter palettes! How pigmented are the bases? Meaning does the pink show up as pink?

Unknown said...

Hi Cydonian! Yes, I need to get better with my self-photography to do some FOTD photos! I can never seem to get the right angle. :) I will experiment with this!

As far as the pigmentation of the is a clear wax, so the color you see is the actual glitter suspended in the waxy/jelly base. The wax/gel is quite "hard", but essentially it allows the glitter to ahere. :)

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