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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review Time!!! NARS The Multiple

Sorry for the fingerprints on these! As you can see, the packaging kinda attracts fingerprints!
You can see these are "well loved" LOL! 

Here I am with another rave review: NARS Multiples!!! Love these!

Generally speaking, I love the idea of mulit-purpose products. NARS really delivers with these Multiples. These are blush/highlighter/lip/eye colors in one big fat stick.

The formula is somewhat creamy-but not moisturizing; and, I find that its best use is as a blush or highlighter. The product is just slightly too dry to be used on the lips on its own as a lipstick (but you can "make it work" with some gloss on top). As an eyeshadow, it wears "okay", but tends to crease on the lid. As a blush, or cheekbone/brow bone highlight...absolutely perfect!!! Totally love it as a blush/highlight.

The low-down:

  • Now these are pricey, but they are HUGE. So, the product will last forever. 
  • I love the "portability" of stick blushes! Just toss into your purse for easy touch-ups.
  • Great for travel too as you don't need any makeup brushes to apply. 
  • Easy to apply: Just swipe on or apply with fingers, blend, and that's it! 
  • Features sleek NARS packaging (I love the simplicity of the NARS black packaging with the cool texture and white letters. Sleek and simple).
  • Downside: While the packaging is sleek and cool, it has that "texture" that can attract makeup dust/fingerprints over time. 

I have 3 lovely shades:

Copacabana (the highlighter): I will start with my favorite Multiple! This is hands-down, my favorate cream highlighter. It is just the perfect champagne/pearl shade (with very a "glowy" shimmer) for my uber-pale skin. Gives great glow!!! Some highlighters just make you look glittery...not this one. We are talking the kind of glow that gets you those "you have good skin" compliments! I use when I am totally finished with my makeup...I just dab a bit on the tops of my cheekbones and sometimes my brown bone for a very glowy/beautiful look! I occasionally used it as a "wash" of color on my eyelids, but have experienced some creasing when I wear it on my lids. So, if you apply to your lids, do so with a light hand. I will totally purchase this again when I run out (if I ever do!) I have been using this forever and still have a TON of product left. So, you really get your moneys worth here!

A pretty plummy/purplish (mauve) pink. So pretty as a blush!!! I think this pinky shade is ideal for cool toned fair-skinned girls like myself. It applies very subtle. Swipe and blend and go! Beautiful! I also like this on the lips with a dab of gloss on top. Pretty! This one does have a bit of a "drier" texture than my other two multiples...but, I must mention that I have had this product forever so, it might have dried out a bit. I noticed this shade is no longer on the NARS website?

As the name implies, this pinky/brown stick gives a nice natural "beachy" warm glow as it has a bit of bronze in it. Very creamy stick. It applies and blends very well onto the cheeks. It looks so natural and pretty, and, well, just wearable! :) There is a very slight bronzy shimmer to this. I apply this with a light hand to my super pale skin.

Swatches: Okay, obviously you would blend these out on your cheeks. But, I wanted to 
show you the color vividly. Left to right: Malibu, Copacabana, Antibes

Hope you enjoyed reading! These Multiples are great! If you find a shade that you truly love, they are worth the investment as they will last you forever!!! I really would like to try some more shades (especially the iridescent pink "Luxor"-has anyone out there tried that one?)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


Lais said...

Great review!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Thanks for reading! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this review. I've heard nothing but great things about NARS I need to get at least one product lol

Unknown said...

Thanks Kristen! :) And, the Multiples would be a great place to start your NARS collection! :) There are many other items I want to try from this brand as well. The "Sheer Glow" foundation is "calling me"! lol!

Shaylee Anne said...

Such a great review! I've always wondered about these! I don't know if I can justify the investment, I really do love my NYC blushable cream sticks for $1.99! haha These look like great colours though, I'm glad you enjoy them! :)

Unknown said...

Shaylee Anne-ha ha, so true! The NYC blush sticks just need to come out with a champagne colored highlighter!!! (NYC-if you ever randomly read this, please do that!). :)

Cydonian said...

Nice review! Very pretty.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cydonian!

MakeupJunkie88-Yes, def a good investment esp for the Copacabana! Very pretty and unique! And, it will last you a long time! I noticed some of the NARS holiday sets have small multiples in them. That might be a way to get them at a better value. :)

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