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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick Rave: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Shadow Single in Brulee'

Mac Vanilla vs. WnW Brulee

Hello readers! Just a quick post today to share my love of this eyeshadow single! This has quickly become one of my most used shades in my eyeshadow collection. The best part, I got it for $.50 during a 50% off Wet n' Wild (WnW) sale at Walgreens! But, even for $1, it is a steal!

My thoughts on WnW Brulee' Color Icon Shadow Single:

  • This is my perfect My-Lids-But-Better (MLBB) shade! This cream colored shadow is just slightly darker than my natural skin tone.
  • The shadow is matte and smooth (somewhat powdery, but applies very well). It is the perfect "base" shade for your eyeshadow.
  • Works well as highlight/brow bone and inner corner color.
  • Can be a great "wash" for a no-color look.
  • Works great to blend out colors, lighten colors, or soften/blend out the line of a smokey eye.
  • And, the best the perfect "eraser" shade. You know, when you need to clean up shadow that has strayed to far outside of your eye area. Or to smooth out a corner.
Comparison to MAC Vanilla: It is somewhat darker than MAC's Vanilla shade (which I also love and use in a very similar manner as WnW Brulee). Vanilla is lighter and is a matte shade with very, very subtle sparkle (the sparkles don't really show up when shadow is transferred from the pan to the lid). MAC vanilla is a smoother shadow, while WnW Brulee is chalkier. They really aren't dupes but are quite similar. I find that I am actually using the WnW Brulee *more* than MAC Vanilla. I tried to swatch it for you; but, seriously, Vanilla does show up for swatching as it is my same skin tone and Brulee just a shade darker. I will try to swatch again tomorrow during daylight to see if I can get a better photo for you readers! :)

WnW Brulee a must-have for every makeup collection!!! As with all WnW Color Icon shadows, the quality is great for a very low price.

Thanks for reading!


sugarbumpkin said...

I love Brulee as a highlight color for pretty much every look that I do =)

Unknown said...

Hi @sugarbumpkin! Agreed! I seem to always be using it now! :) My MAC Vanilla is getting majorly neglected! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

I gotta pick this up! I've looked at it so many times but was unsure about the consistancy and application! Thanks for the review Pammy! :) Ps, did you see my new giveaway?? ;)

Unknown said...

@Shaylee-Yes, I think you would like this shadow Shaylee! It has been so useful especially for cleaning up the stray shadow around a smoky eye! :) And-no, haven't seen your giveaway yet! Heading over there now...XOXO!!!

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