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Friday, November 19, 2010

NYX Palettes: Champagne and Caviar Palette "Total Rave"!!! :)

Hey there dear readers! Any NYX lovers out there? If you have not discovered NYX cosmetics must check out this great brand!!! NYX offers good quality cosmetics with nice sleek packaging at a remarkably low price.

This review today is for the NYX Runway Collection: Champagne & Caviar 10 color Palette. I can't believe I have not reviewed this wonderful palette yet...because I love it!

This aptly named palette provides all the shades you need for a totally classic and elegant look that can easily go from day to night! The colors in this palette are timeless and elegant. This palette contains a nice array of soft neutrals for fair-skinned cool-neutral toned ladies like myself. I find that I reach for this great palette very often for a lovely/wearable daytime look!

Here is the low-down:
  • This palette contains 10 lovely shadows in a very sleek and elegant compact. Colors include: a white, a light neutral pink, an array of browns and taupes, and dark black and brown liner/smoke shades. The shadows are a combination of matte and satin shades (with some shimmer). I love that there is a combo of shadow finishes as this gives such dimension to your look!
  • Some of the medium browns/taupes seem to be near-duplicates, but I don't mind that as those are the shades that I seem to use the most often.
  • I LOVE it that this palette contains both a white *and* dark smoke shades as this gives you everything you need to complete your look! I especially love it that there is a matte white as I love that shade for inner corner work. The dark shades work very well when applied over pencil eyeliner for a long-lasting lined eye.
  • You can go from day to night with this palette. Apply light and medium neutral shades for day...and then smoke it out at night! All with the same palette.
  • These shadows are soft, about "medium" pigmentation (the effect here is soft and subtle), and blendable, but a little bit powdery. But, I'm not complaining as they apply so easily! I think this would be a great palette for beginners because of the ease of blending with these shades. Also a great palette for anyone who loves neutrals or needs an "easy" daytime look.
  • I personally love this palette for a work-appropriate daytime look!
  • The packaging is sleek and elegant. It looks expensive, but its not! Love the shiny black compact! Features a full sized mirror inside and the shadows are of decent size. You get a good amount of product here!
  • Packaging is also very sturdy and it is a nice size for travel. I have traveled with this palette a few times and did not have any shadow breakage. Even with the heavy use this palette gets, the outer packaging is not too scratched up (and this makes me happy as I like my makeup packaging to look nice and clean and pretty). You could easily travel with this palette as your only eye shadow. Maybe add a colorful shadow single if you want a pop of color. But, all your "basics" are covered with this palette!
  • What a great value at $10 retail! Check the sales at your local Ulta as they frequently run sales on NYX.
  • Tip: for longer lasting shadow and better wear, apply over an eyeshadow base (I like e.l.f. mineral eye primer, UDPP, or TF Shadow Insurance: comparison review coming soon on all these primers)
There is absolutely no question that I would purchase this palette again many times over. I totally love this palette! Big rave from me!

Great news for you readers! I just purchased an additional NYX Champagne and Caviar palette to add to my makeup goodies for an upcoming blog giveaway! So, keep stopping by my blog to check on that! The giveaway is a "thank you" to all you wonderful readers and subscribers. I appreciate all of you for stopping by! I am waiting for the milestone of 100 followers on Google Friend Connect before posting my giveaway. Hopefully I will hit that number soon ya'll! :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! What NYX products do you all love?


Coming soon:
-Rimmel Lash Accelerator Review


missy_ellie_uk said...

These are gorgeous shades. I love NYX but it's difficult to get hold of the UK. x

Unknown said...

Totally agree Missy! :) gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Shaylee Anne said...

Great post Pammy! I'm not kinda hoping that maybe you included this in my little surprise swap! :)

socialitedreams said...

I am purchasing NYX stuff tomorrow, the milk jumbo pencil especially, and will look out for the palettes :)

Unknown said...

Shaylee...LOL, I am so dying to tell you what I'm sending! :) But, its a suprise!!!

Socialitedreams: Love the Milk Jumbo Pencil!!! I use it all the time, you will love it! :)

Ashley said...

I have this palette and LOVE it!! I use it all the time!!

Justine (Productrater) said...

I LOVE this palette, I use it almost everyday. ;)

Unknown said...

@Productrater and @AffordableBeauty...isnt it a great palette girls!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Pricilla! Yes, I am sure Ulta will run a good NYX sake for Black Friday! You would not regret this purchase (not to be an enabler or anything, LOL!). :)

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