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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Essence XXXL nudes lipgloss in Nude Kiss: A "close dupe" for Too Faced Pillow Talk!

Hello there lovely readers! While browsing at Ulta yesterday, I was so excited to discover a "close dupe" for my beloved Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk (from the Enchanted Glamourland Collection, and seriously, Pillow Talk has become my new fav gloss)! Yes, the essence gloss is "pinker"...but, for the look and effect and yummy scent...very similar (especially over my very pigmented lips)! Total rave for both of these glosses!

As you all know, I totally love essence cosmetics line, so I was happy to pick up the gloss as it was only $1.99! What a steal! The essence gloss is the XXXL Nudes Gloss in Nude Kiss.

*both photos show TF on left and essence on right. 

Here is my comparison of the two glosses! I *totally* love both glosses!!!


  • Same scent! Both glosses have a very sweet is a very "vanilla" cake-like scent with a hint of mocha? 
  • Both shades wear as a lovely nude (with the essence more a "pinkish" nude...but, really, the same effect)
  • Similar packaging
  • Both glosses wear well as they are thick enough to be lasting without being sticky. Good texture on both glosses!
  • Both gloss have good pigmentation. 


  • The Too Faced has a more "milky" finish
  • The Too Faced is more a peachy nude and the essence is more of a pinky nude. You can see the difference in the arm swatches, but over my pigmented lips...the shades are *very* close (with the essence just being ever so slightly pinker)
  • They are both thick (yet not sticky) glosses. The Too Faced gloss is slightly more dense. 
  • The Too Faced has a brush applicator wand and the essence has a doe-foot applicator wand. 
  • Too Faced has gold/iridescent micro fine gitter and the essence has silver/iridescent micro fine glitter...but, neither of these glosses look nor feel overly glittery. And despite the essence having silver not gold micro glitter, again, the effect is very similar on the lips. 
  • Probably the most major difference is that the Too Faced gloss is a plumper and has a "minty"/mildly tingly or "cooling" feel upon application and the essence gloss does not have this feel. 
  • The Too Faced Gloss retails at $18 and the essence gloss retails at $1.99!!! :) I got my Too Faced Glamour Gloss in the Enchanted Glamourland Set (which is a good value for the price!).

So, if the price for the Too Faced gloss is too high for you, then you can get a "similar" look with the essence gloss!!! Yay for a near-dupe! It is not an exact dupe, but the overall effect is similar enough to give you the same "look" with your makeup. I really love both glosses equally! Also, there are about 3 other shades in essence's XXXL Nudes line, so there are some other lovely nudes to try...and I bet if you mixed a few of them together, you could get an exact dupe!

I was very excited to find this essence gloss at Ulta!!! The essence display at my Ulta has a ton of new, I am tempted to try more! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!


Coming Soon:
-Profusion Beauty Wallet: a fail!
-Wet n Wild Holiday Palettes: Night Elf :)


liketreasure said...

ohh, they're both lovely! x

Shaylee Anne said...

Wow! Those are extremely close dupes when you swatch them! What a great find for $1.99!! I really hope to pick up the Too Faced Enchanted Glamour Land palette that you won! I think its so pretty and functional! :) By the way, whats on your nails? I love it!

❀Dena❀ said...

Wow what a steal! Thanks for sharing such an awesome dupe!

Unknown said...

@communicatingbeauty-yes they are! I think I will keep the essence one in my purse for touch ups! :)

Shaylee! Yes, amazingly close when swatched! Right! I tried a shot with my lips but still havent mastered the self-photography! lol...on my nails is Rimmel Lasting Pro in 270 Steel fav polish lately (did a review right when I started my blog here:

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Unknown said...

Sure thing Dena! I absolutely love finding dupes!!! One of my lovely readers, Ashley, and I discovered that the new WnW palette Night Elf...has a dupe for the eyeshadow Label Whore in the Enchanted Glamourland Set...will be posting that review/comparison in a few days! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

OMG I can't even tell you how perfect this post is for me. I love pillow talk but only have a trial sized one right now and was debating on whether or not to purchase the full sized one. I am also doing a swap with someone from the UK and wondered about asking for the XXXL gloss. Now that I know how similar they are I can ask for that! lol. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

FunnyFaceBeauty-Yay! Glad you found this post...and, yes, isn't Pillow Talk the best! I think you will really love the XXXL gloss! :)

a said...

Ooo! I want both :( were do you get essense products?

Unknown said...

@MakeupSparkle-at Ulta. :)

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