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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BeneFit Ooh la lift "instant under eye brightening boost": Product review

Here I am with another BeneFit review for an "eye brightening" product. Unfortunately, this product was just "meh"/"so so" for me. So, for eye-brightening, I am going to stick with my beloved BeneFit Eye Bright pencil (LOVE!) which I find works MUCH better than the ooh-la-lift (see my previous review/rave for BeneFit's Eye Bright). 

BeneFit's Ooh-la-lift is a light pink liquid product in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. BeneFit recommends using this on bare skin or over makeup. Because it is liquid, when I apply it over my concealer and in my inner eye corners I find that the "liquidness" of the product causes my carefully applied concealer to smear/slide. So, for me, it does not work well as an inner corner highlighter, nor under eyes...and this was the specific use that I purchased it for. Perhaps if your dark circles are less apparent than mine (and need less concealer under your eyes) then liquidness of this product over your concealer would not be an issue. I suppose you could also use this product *under* your concealer if you were using a more "sheer" concealer. This product used on its own does not have any real "coverage" (so it wouldn't work for me on its own, nor would the color look natural all over my under eye area). Or, if you didn't have dark under-eye circles (lucky!), then I suppose you could use this under your eyes, if you didn't need concealer at all, for brightening.

But, luckily, I did find another use for this product: You can use as a "brightening" eyeshadow base on the lids. The product has some subtle light diffusing pigments in it. It works pretty well in this capacity for my generally normal-dry eyelids. Not sure how this would hold up as a primer on ladies that apply eye primer to control oil. I will be using this occasionally as a eyelid primer until I use it up, but will not likely repurchase. Also, it could be used for a highlighting effect on eyelids for days that I do not wear shadow, but want a highlighted look.

So, overall just a "so-so" from me! Don't love it and don't hate it...just "meh"! BeneFit certainly has other/better products on the market for eye-brightening. I am pleased that I found another use for it: as an eyeshadow base. How are you ladies out there using this product? Are you getting any better results? If so, I would love to hear your tips!

What do you ladies like to use for under eye-brightening? As you readers know, I am always on the look-out for products to brighten the eye area. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Shaylee Anne said...

I actually really liked this product when I had it...I just never repurchased it! haha I guess that says something since I have repurchased Eye Bright again and again! Thanks for the great review! :)

Unknown said...

Yes, eyebright is a far superior product, but glad to hear that you liked the Ooh la lift. :) Thanks for the comments!

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