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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My go-to palette of the moment: elf's Beauty Book Neutral Eye Edition

Here's another "goody" from elf my lovely beauty-readers!!! 
The elf Beautybook: Neutral Eye Edition

This is a *fantastic* palette! My hands-down, go-to palette of the moment. This palette was part of elf's limited edition "Back to School" display available online at and at my Target. Luckily, I did find an Amazon link for you guys (see link at end of article). And, OMG...these lovely palettes were only $5 each!!! I mean, elf is already a *total steal*...but, a $5 palette for 12 good-sized shadows and a liner? Now, that's what I am talkin about!!! I am not sure how easy it is to get your hands on this palette right now; as I purchased mine well over a month ago...but, I am sure they are out there somewhere!

I picked up the Neutral Eye Edition, Smokey Eye Edition, and the Eye Brights Edition. This review is for the Neutral Eye Edition only. But, keep checking back in to my blog for future reviews of the other two palettes.

Here's the low-down:

  • In the palette: 12 totally wearable neutral eye shadow shades. They are all shimmer with the exception of two matte liner shadow shades. Also included: a tiny eyeliner in coffee and a dual ended sponge-tip applicator. 
  • While the shades are shimmery, they are not over-the-top (more like a "sheen") They are still every-day wearable (and, I love shimmer anyway!)
  • Whoever picked out the shadow color selection is a sheer genius!!! I use absolutely *every single* shadow color in this palette. Now, that is a feat! How many of you out there have big palettes where you only like a handful of shades? Not the case with this palette. They are all lovely and wearable! A+++ on the shade selection here! Fantastic array of neutrals!
  • On the inner cover of this palette is a detailed set of instructions and diagrams for good eyeshadow application. The tips are very good...and a great for beginners! Love it! 
  • Shades are very pigmented! They blend well and wear all day! Very impressed with the quality (especially for the price!). 
  • The layout: 3 rows (with four shadows in each row) going from left to right is the contour/highlight shade, "base shade" or lid color, contour or crease color, and a liner shadow. I typically use these shades together in their row, just as the instructions describe (but, I sometimes mix it up a bit, and you certainly could too)
  • The little "coffee" eyeliner that comes with it is actually pretty good! I honestly did not have high hopes for it when I got the palette...but, used it one morning when in a hurry...and it works just fine! 
  • Liner tip: (and ladies this is a tip directly from the elf instructions!): line eye with the pencil eyeliner and then intensify the color with one of the liner shadow shades. This is such a good tip across the board as the creamy/waxy liner works with the shadow to hold your liner in place. This makes for a very long-lasting eyeliner. On me, it lasts all day! I use a stiff angled liner brush (I like the Maybelline angled liner brush for shadow lining)to apply the liner shadow over the pencil liner. 
  • The packaging is "cute" like a book, and I keep them stored as a "book" with the biding facing out that displays the name, so it is easy to reach for the right one as you can see the name on the side binding. 


  • Some shadows are somewhat on the "powdery" (but not chalky) side. But, they still wear and blend extremely well and are highly pigmented. 
  • The packaging is somewhat bulky and probably not good for travel. 

Here are some swatches. I just swatched them in order...going from left to right.

you may not be able to tell, because my skin is so light, 
but the light shades are very pigmented

Hope you enjoyed this review!
What is your go-to palette of the moment?

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Unknown said...

Aren't they great! :) the price is so good on these!

sugarbumpkin said...

how are the quality of these compared to the studio palettes? I have the master studio palette and it's terrible! but i have tried the studio single shadows and the $1 quads and those are fine.

Unknown said...

Hi sugar bumpkin! Honestly, can't compare as I have not tried elf's studio palettes. Wish I could be more helpful here! :) overall, I am highly impressed with this $5 palette, you definitely get more than you pay for! :) thanks for reading!!!

Ashley said...

I just got this at Target Pammy. Well it's the holiday/winter version of this! But it's so great! I'm really loving it!

Unknown said...

Ooooh! A holiday palette? My Target dosn't have those yet (and I was just browsing Target yesterday!), its similar to this one? Glad that you love yours!!!

Unknown said...

ooo we have the same taste in makeup! I think i'll be buying this if i can find it.

Unknown said...

@Aubrey-Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Love finding people with similar tastes so we can share ideas! If you can't find this exact palette, I have noticed that most of elf's beauty books are similar (like the holiday palettes were VERY similar to the "back to school" palettes...just with different packaging)! XOXO!

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