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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bargain Alert! Essence of Beauty Brushes: Review

Hello my dear readers! Have you had the opportunity to check out the "Essence of Beauty" line at your local CVS? If not, then you should!!! They have some fantastic brushes!

Now, please note, this is not the "essence" brand that I have blogged about before, but "Essence of Beauty". This brand is only carried at CVS and is a line of various beauty tools, brushes, and lotions/soaps, etc.

Here is what I have tried and like from this line:

The Kabuki Brush:

I *adore* this big fat kabuki!!! I must start out by commenting on how incredibly SOFT this brush is. Not quite as soft as Ecotools brushes (my barometer of softness)...but, *almost*! And, ecotools does not have a kabuki this large.

For powder application, I really prefer a BIG brush. The brush is quite size able with a very fat base. The brush head fluffs out much wider than the base and has a slight taper which I like for going around the "nooks and crannies" of the face.

This kabuki is fantastic for buffing in powder foundation. I use this daily with my beloved MAC Studio Fix powder (NC15). The denseness of the brush provides a flawless application of powder for fuller coverage.

The brush feels so good that I actually look forward to massaging my powder onto my face with this every morning, it feels so good! (lol..I know! Its those little things we enjoy, right!).

The packaging is a reusable plastic snap, one could easily toss it back into its packaging if you wanted to travel with it. The price on this kabuki is approximately $10-$14 retail (depending on sales, etc).

Crease Brush Duo:

Wow! These brushes are such a FIND! And, so inexpensive!!! Two brushes come in this set. One larger and one smaller, both with dome shaped heads.

The larger of the two brushes, is hands-down, the best crease brush that I have used! The size and shape of the brush head is absolutely perfect for my eye size and shape. This makes crease work and blending effortless! It places the color precisely where I want it! Flawless!

The smaller brush is a mini-version of the larger one. I find it is best used for outer corner "v" shadow application. I love it!

I use both of these brushes, without fail when I do a shadow look with crease and outer "v" color. These brushes make color application so easy!

I highly recommend this set. For about $4? you can't go wrong here!

Smudger Brush:

Not a whole lot to say besides this is your basic sponge tipped smudge brush. But, I love it and use it to smudge out my eyeliner. :)

Total rave for these brushes! Check them out ya'll next time you are in CVS and waiting on a prescription! :)

Hope you enjoyed this review!!
Happy Halloween!!!
XOXO readers!


All Made Up said...

This is such a fantastic review! I've wanted to try these brushes for AGES because I've seen so many bloggers rave about them but I cant get them here in the UK!

Thanks to this review I think I'm going to order a couple online - I reckon they'll be well worth the shipping costs :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your nice comment! :) I think you will be very happy with these brushes! I sure know that I am. Honestly, now that I use these crease brushes...I dont know how I did crease work before these! :)

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