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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Beauty and the Box: Unique Solution for Travel Makeup Storage/Organization!

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Beauty and the Box: Unique Solution for Travel Makeup Storage/Organization!

I must admit, I am a terrible packer! When I go out of town, I tend to drastically overpack clothing, lol. Plus, I like having all of my essentials for beauty. Now, overpacking does not neccessarily have to be a bad thing if it is all organized. I like using a system of inner pouches and containers to keep all of my clothing, shoes, and accessories sorted and organized...But, what about makeup? 

While my current system of a brush roll and a large makeup bag does work for carrying my makeup, it doesn't help keep it organized while actually in use. You all know the drill. You are traveling and it is time to do your makeup. You have to spread everything out on a small hotel bathroom counter or spread out on your bed. There is almost never enough room and you don't want to lay your brushes on a counter and everything gets disorganized. What is a girl to do?

Well, this solution by Beauty and the Box is perfect!!! The Traveler Deluxe is a genius solution! This pop up storage system is so functional and easy to use. With a quick pop up set up, it turns your travel bag into a mini organizer vanity! It allows you to easily lay out all of your products while you are out of town for quick and easy use. 

Here is the scoop from Beauty and the Box:
The Traveler’s unique, innovative design includes 3 POP-UP cosmetic boxes that travel flat for convenience and pop-up intuitively at your destination. 

Each box is cleverly stair-stepped to hold mascaras, pencils, brushes, lipsticks.  The boxes fit securely into the sturdy, go-anywhere tray base, so makeup won’t wobble around or fall over. The Traveler frees you up, sets you up and gets you ready for makeup in an instant.

“I love how quickly I can be organized when using The Traveler,” says Beauty & The Box Founder & CEO Barbara Brock. “Think of The Traveler as your personal beauty counter when you are on the go or just at home.”

What inspired Barbara to create The Traveler was from her personal traveling experiences. “When I was travelling, I could never find a way to be organized and time efficient with cosmetics when I arrived at my destination. There are lots of pouches for makeup but nowhere to organize except sometimes the bathroom glass. That is when I had my AHA moment.”

While The Traveler’s 3 POP-UP cosmetic boxes ensure beauty organization while traveling, this new product also has endless options for organizing at home too.

“There are many options for using The Traveler besides cosmetics, Barbara suggests. “Some women don’t use a lot of cosmetics so think toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste and The Traveler is just 
perfect for men’s grooming necessities too.”

THE TRAVELER DELUXE: Retails for $85.00 

  • 3 POP-UP cosmetic boxes
  • Lift-out, go-anywhere tray with handles
  • Stand-alone, foldable mirror
  • See-through durable cosmetic pouch (can be purchased separately)
  • All in a stylish black soft mesh case with comfy carry handle and zipper closing lined in silky blue protective padding.

And coming soon: THE TRAVELER LITE              
Slim, space-saving neoprene case includes:
3 POP-UP cosmetic boxes
Lift-out, go-anywhere tray with handles

Honestly, now that I have used this awesome easy-to-use system, I don't think I will ever travel without it! I absolutely love it!!! Can't wait to hopefully try the Traveler Lite soon, too. Be sure to check out this awesome travel makeup solution. You won't be sorry! 

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