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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Summer Beauty Essentials for Face, Body, and Hair!

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Summer Beauty Essentials:
Face, Body & Hair! 
For fresh and beautiful skin that can survive the Summer heat and humidity, I am really enjoying FRÉ Skincare’s GLOW ME Tinted Moisturizer. At first, this tint looks too dark for me. However, it really melts right into my skin and amazingly does not look too dark. Plus, while my face tends to stay pale in the Summer, my body (despite good SPF efforts) ends up with a light tan. So, this product tends to even out that balance. This tinted moisturizer is a revolutionary 3-in-1 formula designed specifically for skin that sweats (and there’s a lot of that during Georgia's super hot and humid Summers). Glow Me is formulated with Argania Active Complex for moisturizing, SPF 15 for protection, and it has a universal nude tint for a sheer finish to blur imperfections and even skin tone. Now with an SPF of 15, this is not quite enough sun protection for me. However, I am using this layered over my Summer sunscreen which is an SPF of 30. So, I do not mind the SPF being a low SPF 15 in this product. I think of this as an extra layer of protection and coverage that I wear over my sunscreen. Plus, the tint is good for covering the white cast of my other sunscreen. The FRÉ Skincare GLOW ME Tinted Moisturizer is available at for $45.00.

Love Sun Body | 100% Natural Origin Mineral Sunscreen:
While I tend to try out a ton o different types of sunscreens, my overall preferance is really mineral sunscreen because it provides natural protection that does not degrade in sunlight. Plus, I find that mineral sunscreens are much more gentle on my slightly sensitive skin. For healthy sun protection that works, I am really loving the Love Sun Body 100% Natural Origin Mineral Sunscreen! It is safe for use on your face and body and can provide up to 80 minutes of water and sweat resistant protection. Available in lightly scented or fragrance free. I got to try the fragrance-free version which I am so happy about because that means I can use it on my whole family as my son only uses fragrance-free mineral sunscreens because of his eczema. The Love Sun Body Sunscreens come in 2 different sizes (200ML for $32.00 or 100ML for $21.00) at and

Bottoms Up | Brush:
Fixing your Summer hair-do on-the-go and at the Pool is a snap with this cute Bottoms Up brush! This is absolutely perfect for my pool bag as I almost always have to do some hair maintanence on myself or my daughter when we go swimming. The Bottoms Up Brush is the ultimate multi-tasker - with a stainless-steel bottle opener at the base, you’ll never be left dying of thirst because you can’t open that bottle top! ha ha! But seriously, I almost always have both a bottle opener and a brush in my bag, now I can just pack this one item. Space saver and cute idea! This brush is available in two colors at for $14.99. Cheers!

I Dew Care | Straight Radiate Radiance Moisturizing Gold Gel Cream:
This is a bouncy gel cream formulated with gold powder to give a sun-kissed, beachy glow! This product is incredibly unique. It is super hydrating because of the hyaluronic acid plus it has the amazing benefit of giving your skin a gorgeous glow. You can use this on its own or use it underneath your regular makeup and apply it like a moisturizer. I like using it as a moisturizer. I use it in place of my regular hyaluronic acid moisturizer that I usually layer on underneath tinted sunscreen and makeup. When I apply Straight Radiate first, it allows for a beautiful lit-from-within type of glow to my overall look. I also like to use this to spot highlight on my body. When you first look at the shade, you will think "this looks to dark or gold". However, once you apply it applies seemlessly into your skin! I am super fair and this product still works for me. I love it! Striaght Radiate retails for $29 at

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