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Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Gel Skincare from Kiehl's: Age Defender Gel Moisturizer and Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

New Gel Skincare from Kiehl's: 
Men's Age Defender Gel Moisturizer and Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

It is time to check in with Kiehl's so that we can discuss their awesome new releases! :) Kiehl's is a clear favorite in our house. My husband pretty much uses Kiehl's exclusively and Kiehl's is in heavy rotation for me as well. Their products are just amazing! So, I always get excited when they launch new products.

Age Defender Gel Moisturizer:
My husband is a huge fan of the whole Age Defender line. He has actually been looking for a more lightweight moisturizer for summer. So, this product is perfect for what he needs right now. His report: he loves it!

The Age Defender Gel Moisturizer is a lightweight anti-aging moisturizer that is uniquely formulated for men’s thicker, coarser skin. The formula includes powerhouse ingredient Linseed Extract. The Age Defender Gel Moisturizer is a non-greasy gel moisturizer for men absorbs easily into skin that boasts that it helps to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles for firmer, younger-looking skin. This moisturizer sinks right in to plump and hydrate the skin!

Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream
I knew the minute that I saw this that I had to try it. As ya'll may know, I use a drugstore brand water-cream every day as the first step in my skincare routine after washing my face. So, I was very curious to try this water cream from Kiehl's. Yes, it is more expensive than my beloved drugstore product. However, Kiehl's is one of my favorite skincare lines. Their products are always well-formulated and produce results. So, generally speaking, I don't mind paying more for Kiehl's products as I totally trust that they work. So, I was super excited to try this product out! 

This product is a companion to Kiehl's best-selling Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner (I must try this!). Kiehl's efficacious, weightless water cream is infused with the popular Calendula Serum that contains concentrated Calendula Flower Extract and hundreds of micronized Calendula petals. Upon application, this unique, lightweight moisturizer provides a burst of soothing hydration for fresh, radiant skin. Oh goodness, I absolutely love it! 

The Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream helps to visibly even out skin tone and it boosts radiance for a healthier looking complexion. The product is also very soothing and it helps to visibly reduce redness. It also works to improve uneven texture, dull skin and dry fine lines. Skin appears plumper and softer when you use this as it boosts your hydration for the whole day! I adore this water-cream and love its soft scent, too. 

Be sure to check out these new gel-based moisturizers at Kiehl's! :) 

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