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Thursday, June 13, 2019

My new Favorite Brushes by Olivia Garden

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My New Favorite Brushes from Olivia Garden:

I rarely change brushes. Usually, when I find a great brush. I stick with it literally for years. Recently, I tried some brushes from Olivia Garden and I literally replaced three of my regular everyday brushes to Olivia Garden and I am not turning back! I have completely converted to primarily using Olivia Garden brushes and they are just fantastic!!!

So, lets discuss my very favorite brushes from Olivia Garden: the Ceramic Thermal 4 1/4 Round Brush, iDetangle Paddle Brush, and the EcoHair Paddle Brush. 

There are three main brushes in my everyday hair routine. I use a detangling brush to detangle my hair when it is wet or when it just needs to be brushed out. When I am drying my hair, I use a paddle brush to work the hair dryer through my hair while gently smoothing out slightly wavy areas and turning ends slightly under. Last, but not least, I use a huge round thermal brush for the last step with my hair dryer to give my hair mega volume and turning the ends under. I literally can not style my hair without these three steps with these three key brushes. 

So, I switched out all of those everyday brushes with Olivia Garden's versions and I like Olivia Gardens so much more than my previous favorites! My faves are now Olivia Garden! 

Lets discuss each brush:

The iDetangle Paddle Brush:
Hands down, this is the best detangler that I have ever used. Not only do I use this fantastic brush on myself, but now I also use it on my kids. Actually, I really need to get two more, lol, as I am always running up or down the stairs to look for this brush to use on my kids. It detangles hair like a dream. Literally, it is just like magic. It just works and goes right through any tangles. Brushing out my kids hair in the morning used to be a huge chore because they always complained. Now they actually enjoy their hair being brushed as it is a pain-free process with this amazing brush. 

iDetangle Brush Collection is available in three bristle types – customized bristles are designed for detangling Fine (translucent white), Medium (translucent grey), and Thick Hair (solid black) – and include the following:
  • Patented Dual-Curve Shape: Every bristle actively hugs the scalp for efficient brushing and styling with each stroke.
  • Flexible Vented Head Design: Adjusts tension based on hair type for easier and gentler detangling. The extra-large vents allow greater airflow to reduce drying time.
  • No-Slip Unibody Finish:  Easy-grip, non-slip handle that is soft to the touch and comfortable for styling. Its unibody design guarantees completely snag-free detangling!

Olivia Garden’s iDetangle Paddle Brushes are $14.99 each. We have the translucent White version of this brush. I would actually like to try both the Medium (grey) and Thick (black) versions as well as we all have very thick hair in my house.

The EcoHair Paddle Brush:
My paddle brush step is a key step in my hair styling process. I let my hair air-dry as much as possible. When I am ready to dry my hair, my first step with the dryer is with a paddle brush. The flat shape and very slight curve of the bristles help to smooth out my hair and dry it straight (my hair is straight..however, it can get some very slight waves in spots). This paddle brush from Olivia Garden is fantastic. It is just the right size and shape and it glides through my hair effortlessly and gives me the exact result that I want.

The EcoHairTM Collection from Olivia Gardent uses a new proprietary bamboo technology with an anti-slip grip and ergonomic handle that is softer, more durable, and easier for styling. Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource, unlike wood, that preserves the natural forests and surrounding eco-systems.

The new EcoHairTM Paddle brush design features a new “secure-fit” cushion frame system where the cushion snaps into the brush body with no glue, for guaranteed durability. In addition, the brushes boast a beautiful and unique white- washed bamboo and blue design. The EcoHairTM Paddle collection is comprised of 3 models:

• EcoHair Paddle ($20.50) – comfortable ball point tips that are gentle for hair and scalp to detangle, brush, and create updos

The Speed XL Ceramic + Ion XL Barrel:
The key to my hair style is the final step in my drying process with a huge thermal round brush. This Speed XL by Olivia Garden is literally the best large round thermal brush I have ever used. What is so great about it? It is HUGE in width, plus it is extra long, too. I have VERY thick hair. This brush holds so much hair and it smooths while also giving amazing volume, bounce, and just the right amount of turn-under to give my hair the style that I want. It is absolutely perfect for styling my straight long bob "Lob" haircut! Literally, I will forever use this brush! 

The Ceramic + IonTM Brush Collection includes the awesome SPEED XL brush. With its extra-long barrel, the SPEED XL can style larger sections of hair for the ultimate blowout and help hair dry 25% faster. Ceramic Technology enables the brush to heat up faster and retain heat longer, while Tourmaline Ion Technology helps create superior and longer-lasting hairstyles through hair cuticle conditioning, adding more shine while eliminating frizz and flyaways.

The brush design is unique to Olivia Garden with its completely seamless body to avoid tangles and snags. Olivia Garden has also created an ergonomic rubber handle for anti-slip and a built-in sectioning pick at the base of the brush.

  • Ceramic + IonTM SPEED XL Collection is available in five barrel sizes
  • Extra-long ceramic barrel to style larger sections of hair to achieve the ultimate, most voluminous blowout in 25% less time than a normal-length barrel.
  • Ceramic Technology: Faster and better styling with ceramic coated barrel that maximizes heat retention for smooth styling and fast-drying capabilities.
  • Ion Technology: High-quality Tourmaline restores hair balance, smooths strands, and adds luster and sheen.
Olivia Garden’s Ceramic + IonTM SPEED XL Collection is available for $19.95, $24.95 and $29.95 

These brushes that I featured are just the tip of the iceberg in the large selection that Olivia Garden offers. I hope to explore this brush line further as I am sure there are many more favorites that I will find. I really want to try the other detangling brushes and some more of the ecoline as well as a few others! Are you an Olivia Garden fan? Tell me your faves!!!

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