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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

NEW from Softsoap!

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Looking for a stress-free way to kick off the Fall season? Start with your shower! Refresh your shower and handwashing routine with some fantastic new products from Softsoap: introducing the Softsoap Pure Zen, Softsoap Hydra Bliss, and Softsoap Earth Blends lines.

Hydra Bliss’s new hydrating formula helps retain your skin’s natural moisture, the soothing aromas of Pure Zen will envelope your senses as you lather your skin for a gentle clean.

Softsoap Earth Blends line is made from biodegradable cleaning ingredients. It is paraben-free and dye-free! Plus, it the scents are amazing! This product line comes in fresh and beautiful scents like  Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber and Coconut & Fig.

The Softsoap Earth Blends Moisturizing Triple Milled Bar Soap, exclusively at Walmart, is pefect for when you are craving a bar cleanse in the shower. I actually always use both a bar and liquid soap in the shower. I am really enjoying the fresh scent of the Softsoap Earth Blends bar! Plus, you can feel good knowing you’re an eco-concious product! Not only is it easy on your body but it is easy on the environment, too!

These new collections will transform any shower into a spa-like experience, leaving you ready to tackle even the most daunting Spring to-do list.

Hydra Bliss Hydrating Body Wash
Cucumber Water & Mint
Coconut Water & Blueberry

Pure Zen Relaxing Body Wash
Jasmine & Watermint
Rosewater & Lotus Flower

Softsoap Earth Blends
Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber
Coconut & Fig
Pomegranate & Plum

Have you tried any of these new Softsoap releases? Are you loving the scents as much as I am? I am especially fond of the hand soaps (probably because I wash my hands so much). The scents are amazing! 

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