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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Simply Earth: Monthly DIY Essential Oil Box Subscription: Sept Box Opening!!! Promo Code

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Simply Earth: 
Sept Box Opening!!!

Yippee! I am so excited about my Simply Earth monthly Essential Oil DIY box subscription. Simply Earth has fantastic high-quality essential oils and all of the tools and accessories you need to create some super fun and completely useful essential oil DIY recipes and projects. 

I am so excited to be a part of the Simply Earth blogger squad so that I can bring you the scoop on each month's box and share the fun that I had creating all of the DIY recipes with Simply Earth!

My monthly Simply Earth Box is seriously one of my favorite things!!! There is no question that the addition of essential oils to my everyday life has worked to enhance my environment and help me to manage stress and illness within my house. When I first started out with oils, I just thought that I would enjoy the "scent your home" aspect of essential oils. However, the more I get into essential oils, and the more that I learn and explore, I realize that essential oils can do so much more for you than just smell pretty. Essential oils can do everything from helping you to manage your stress and emotions, to enhancing your sleep, to warding off illness. Essential Oils are so versatile and so fun to explore! My monthly Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box is really helping me to learn more about essential oils a little bit at a time with 4 oils and recipes to go with them. I feel like I have gone so far beyond just diffusing oils! The recipes really help me to integrate Essential Oils into every part of my life.

My Simply Earth monthly Essential Oil subscription box has really taken the guesswork out of exploring and using essential oils. Their monthly box contains 4-5 essential oils and ALL the ingredients, supplies, and recipes for a variety of essential oil DIY projects every month. If you are like me, you are constantly pinning ideas on Pinterest. But, honestly, how often do we actually make these DIY projects? lol, it is time consuming to go hunting around for all those supplies! Well, Simply Earth does all the legwork for you with their DIY box. Plus, I love the "suprise" element every month! I never know what oils might arrive. Since I am an oily newbie, I never know what oils to order when browsing online. Some of the "surprise" oils that have come in my Simply Earth boxes have become my total favorites...and, I would have never known to order them had they not come in my subscription box. Plus, the oils from Simply Earth are high quality pure oils. You are really getting top quailty oils in your box. Seriously, my Simply Earth monthly box is pretty much my favorite thing ever!!! I am not even exaggerating! I get pumped when I know my box is coming and I honestly can't wait to dig in every month and explore and use my oils and get going with some fun DIYs!!!

About Simply Earth and the Monthly Essential Oil Subscription Boxes:

So excited about my Simply Earth monthly essential oils DIY box subscription!!! I literally love this subscription and totally look forward to my box arrival every month. :) Want to hear more, here is the scoop...

The Monthly Box:
Every month, you get a DIY recipie box with 6-7 different recipes plus about 4 full size bottles of essential oils. The box also contains the labels, containers, some of the ingredients/supplies for all of the recipes included in the box. The recipes are pre-printed on cute index cards.

Simply Earth literally takes all the prep and guesswork out of DIY projects. They make it easy to get started with your DIY fun as soon as you open your box. You can literally just open up your box and get started with your DIY fun! These boxes are so enjoyable from start to finish! I get to explore new oils as well as some favorites and I get to discover new and creative uses for the oils!

Simply Earth makes exploring the world of Essential Oils easy and fun. Plus, can I just mention how amazing the oils are?!?! They are high-quality and theraputic grade. Such great quality oils. I am super impressed and already a loyal fan!

To find out all the details about what is inside this month's Simply Earth Essential Oil subscription box plus to get my Promo Code, please click "read more" below! :)

The Big Bonus Box:
The big bonus box is not part of the monthly subscription. This box includes carrier oils, coconut oil, beeswax, and containers to help make recipes for the next 6 boxes to come. This box contains over a $40 value worth of supplies!

This Month's Box:
Wow! What a value! This box is worth $150, and the cost is only $39.00! Amazing!!!

Inside the Box:
  • 4 Full-Sized Oils:  Himalayan Cedarwood, Cypress, Tangerine, and Bumps & Boo-boos Blend (blend of Helichrysum, Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oils)
  • Extras: Kids Essential Oil Jewelry Bracelet
  • 6 Recipes and information on each oil
This month's theme is kids! The box is filled with supplies for safe and fun essential oil DIY projects that you can do with and/or for your kids! Oh my goodness, this is so fun. I have two kids aged 4 and 6. They love doing crafts and cooking projects with me. Some of these projects I made for them and some of them they helped me with.

The Oils:
Before diving into the recipes. Lets talk a little more about each oil!

Himalayan Cedarwood: 
Ooooh! Cedarwood is one of my favorites. I diffuse it frequently for sleep. So, I am happy to have another bottle of Cedarwood plus ideas on how to use it! This oil is warm and rich in aroma. It can be used for respiratory support and works well for oily skin. The scent is a nice pick-me-up when you are feeling blue. 

Cypress is a comforting oil and can be useful for grief. It is used to calm and support emotional stability. 

I am such a fan of citrus oils. I find them so uplifting! Tangerine is very refreshing. Plus, it is useful for nausea and it supports the immune system. A very multi-purpose oil! Plus, it does smell amazing. 

Bumps & Boo-boos Blend:
This oil is a blend of Helichrysum, Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oils. This oil works great for irritation and bug bites (dilute first!).

The Recipes:
I love that they print these recipes out on cards. I keep the cards and can make these recipes over and over in the future. Since this box has a kids theme, the cards are printed with kids on them. Super cute!

  • Scented Sensory Rainbow Beans: Ohhh! I love sensory bin play. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and I frequently use sensory bins as part of my therapy. I also use sensory bins at home with my own kids. Adding a touch of essential oil fragrance to the beans for a sensory activity really rounds out the sensory experience! The combination of the scent of the essential oil with the tactile experience of the beans can be very soothing for the sensory system! These beans were easy to make with the instructions. We had so much fun doing this and really enjoy using the beans! Tips: Double the recipe. I found that 2 lbs of white beans were just not quite enough to fill a small shoebox size plastic bin. So, we doubled the recipe to have more beans to dig into! 

  • Calming Natural Playdough: We love making homemade playdough in our house. However, I have never tried scenting them with essential oil...until now! How fun! With just a few ingredients that you already have on hand, you can make a wonderful scented dough! Plus, Simply Earth included a link to a download for an interactive garden learning mat that your children can use with the playdough. I love this! My kids love using this dough and I love seeing their creativity. The play mats really add to the play nicely. I just printed them out and laminated them. The kids have lots of fun creating flowers and leaves on their mats. I find the scent to be very soothing. I do think it has a calming effect! The first morning that I made the dough, the kids were having a hard time getting going in the morning. After some creative play with the soothing dough, they were centered and calm!
  • Calming Sock Bun: This is such a cute and super simple idea. We just used a stray sock. Easy-peasy! My daughter is in ballet. So, she wears a bun weekly. Now she can have a scented one! 

  • Bumps & Boo Boos Roll On: I am all about making roller balls for quick and easy oil application. This is one that you guys are going to want to make right away so that it is ready for you when you need it. With two active kids, we constantly have bumps and boo-boos in our house. I am sure this will get lots of use! 

  • Jewelry Diffuser Recipe: I love ideas for jewelry diffusers. I have a diffuser locket already and this box came with an adorable child-sized diffuser bead bracelet. Wearing diffuser jewelry is a great way to get the benefits of essential oils throughout the day. I made this bracelet for my daughter to wear to school. The fresh citrusy scent can boost mood and improve clarity of mind!

  • Fall Fresh Diffuser Blend: Mmm...what a nice blend! I love getting new ideas of what to add to my diffuser. This smells very nice in the house! I liked this blend so much, that I made a "master blend" with one of my extra little empty glass dropper bottles in my Big Box. I just made the recipe X8 and added everything to the little bottle for continuous use. :) 

Shop through this link and use my code! :)

Next Months Box:
Be sure to check back here next month for my Simply Earth Box Opening post! Next month's box theme is Spooky fun! :) Can't wait! 

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