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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Fresh Skincare from L'Occitane: Aqua Réotier Water Gel Cleanser and Moisturizer!

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Fresh Skincare from L'Occitane: 
Aqua Réotier Water Gel Cleanser and Moisturizer

This is a gentle foaming cleanser gel with calcium-rich Réotier water to remove impurities without drying skin. I love the fresh scent and the thick feel of the gel. It works into a mild lather and cleans and refreshes my skin. It removes dirt, oil and impurities from my skin with ease. I do use a makeup remover to remove my eye makeup before using this cleanser. It works well to remove dirt and residue and any remaining traces of my makeup. While I usually do prefer unscented products, I do find that I really enjoy the light fresh and clean scent of this cleanser. This is a great addition to my skincare routine! 

I think the L'Occitane Aqua Réotier Water Gel Cleanser is a fantastic cleanser for warmer weather! When it gets cold, I am probably going to have to switch back to something more moisturizing. However, while it is still hot or mild in Georgia, I can use this! 

This lightweight melting cream is enriched with Réotier water and hyaluronic acid. So, it has the ability to draw water into the skin which leaves it feeling hydrated and soft all day long. I love how plumped and smooth my skin looks when I use this soothing cream. I love how light this cream feels on my skin for the warmer months! Like the cleanser, this product has a light and fresh scent. While I would prefer all my products to be unscented (because of my sensitive skin), I still enjoy this product and find the scent to be appealing. 

Like all L'Occitane products, these Aqua Réotier are luxurious and a total treat to use! Totally love these items and recommend for your late summer/early fall skincare routine! :) 

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