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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Get a Pop of Shimmer and Shine with Amazing New Releases from POPBeauty

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Are you ready for some intense pigment, major metallic shine, or a bold pop of glitter? Well, that is what you are going to get with these amazing new products from POPBeauty!

There are a ton of products, so lets just dive right in and talk about each one.

Lets start with these super shimmery blushes as I do tend to have a thing for blush. These light-reflecting illuminators have an unbelieveable metallic shimmer. The powder is so soft and buttery that it almost doesn't even feel like a powder. It has a high mica and pearl content which makes it ultra luminecent.

POP has highlighter shades and blush/bronzer shades in the Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder collection. I tried the blush/bronzer shades and they are so pretty. I tried Coral Crush, Royal Rose, and Bronze Boom!. They have fantastic color payoff and intense light reflection with such a glow!

Retails for $12.00 each

POPBeauty Flashadow Liquid Eye Shadow:
Wow! These are intense!!! This is total liquid metal shimmer with glitter. If you want a wow-effect, you will get it with these. Plus, these are so much easier than trying to get traditional glitter to stick to your eye lids! These have no budge and have extended wear. You can either wear them solo or layer over regular shadow for a pop of intense sparkle and shine. They go on wet and then dry to set to a smudge-proof shadow.

These are incredibly fun to play with! I love these for a glam night out.

Available shades: Cosmic Confetti (my fave!!!), Naked Glitz, Crushed Copper, and Black Drizzle

Retails for $12.00 each

POPBeauty Topper Popper Metallic Lip Stain:
POPBeauty really wants you to shine this season. Here is another mega-shiny mega-shimmer product...this time, for your lips! Topper Poppers can be used either as metallic top coats to your regular lip color or as a stand-alone sheer lip look.

Once the product dries to set, you get a smudge-proof lip that is incredibly long wearing! The amazing sparkle and shimmer really lasts. These are super fun to wear!

Here are my favorite shades (there are 6 available): Cream Popper, Peach Popper, Pink Popper, and Red Popper.

Retails for $10.00 each.

POPBeauty Twinkle Texture Multidimensional Palette:
This palette will certainly get your attention! This palette contains 4 silky shimmer shades and 4 complimenting super glitter shadows. These mix and match shades really let you get creative and sparkly with your eye looks!

To use, you just apply your shimmer shade of choice as the base. Then, you layer the super glitter color on top for a totally standout POP effect!

I find with my color preferances, that I am gravitating more towards the silver and purple shades. I might wear the gold as well, but I doubt that I will wear the maroon.

This palette retails for $14.00.

POPBeauty Permanent Pout:
POPBeauty has an assortment of new shades available to their Permanent Pout collection that are collaborations with social media influencers. I totally support that! ;)

Permanent Pout lip shades are long wearing and "kiss proof" formulas. There are quite an assortment of shades from bold to neutral. My favorite shades are Sweet Harmony and Z.

To use, you apply to clean and dry lips. You need to use waterproof makeup remover to remove the color.

Retails for $8.00 each.

POPBeauty Filter Effect Base:
POPBeauty calls these the "no filter foundations"!  These foundations promise light-weight coverage for a beautiful and even complexion. The formula is infused with antioxidants. Plus, it blends in beautifully to blur imperfections and it gives you a lovely natural finish. The coverage is buildable. The formula is also oil-free!

These foundations come in 8 shades. The No. 1 Fair is pretty close to my skin tone.

Retails for $14.00 each.

Be sure to check out these gorgeous NEW items from POPBeauty....especially if you like to shimmer and shine! 

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