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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Get a Spa Treatment at Home with Parasilk: BOGO Amazon Prime Day Sale!!!

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BOGO Amazon Prime Day Sale!!!

I just love spa night at home! I try to give myself, at the minimum, a weekly spa treatment to pamper myself at home. My recent discovery and new love? Parasilk treatments. They are so easy and so luxurious to use!

I am no stranger to paraffin treatments. I love getting paraffin treatments at the nail salon combined with my manincures and as an extra add-on treatment when I am at a spa. Paraffin treatments are both theraputic and restorative. The heat and the moisture works wonders for dry skin as well as body aches and pains. I first discovered the theraputic benefits of paraffin treatments after my Rheumatologist recommened that I do them to aid with dry skin and aches that occasionally occur with my autoimmune disease. I like paraffin treatments so much that I even have an in-home paraffin melting machine....but, guess what, as much as I love the effects of the treatment, I never seem to pull it out to use it. It is just a lot of work and clean up, etc. So, when I heard about these easy-to-use and disposable treatments from Parasilk, I just had to try them!

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About Parasilk Treatments:
GLOVE Treat by Parasilk Paraffin are the first ever at-home disposable paraffin wax treatments. They are designed to be used once a week for an amazing at-home spa experience!

Parasilk offers all natural paraffin wax combined with coconut and lavendar essential oils in a glove, mitt, or boot treatment. These are amazing and so easy to use! You just heat up the mitts in the microwave from about 2-3 minutes, slip on the mitt on your hands or feet, and then relax while the treatment does its magic!

image source: Parasilk 

How to Use:
1. Remove: Remove plush loop from Mitt
2. Heat: Place treatment in microwave (wrapped in paper towel) for 60 seconds, check and flip and microwave another 60 seconds. If melted and indicator is red, remove, if not, go another 60 seconds.
3. Rub: Carry carefully to prevent spilling and massage it gently to distribute and melt.
4. Treat: Once indicator is not red and liquid is not clear, it is safe to apply. Open above the zipper. Lay down a cloth towel and apply over the towel for spillage. Make sure it is upright to help prevent spilling. Secure loop around treatment.
5. Relax: This is the best part! Just leave on about 10 minutes and relax and try to remain stationary. Remove the treatment and any remaining wax from your skin.
6. Reuse: After treatment, press air out of mitt and seal zipper, fold, and place back into sealed pouch. One pair is reusable for 4 treatments! Complete using treatment in one month. Unopened pouches are good for 2 years.

I just love these treatments! They are super easy to use and I get great benefits from them. Right now, I am especially loving the Foot Treatment as my feet have been very dry and cracked from wearing flip flops all summer. I am hoping that weekly treatments with this boot will remedy my dry feet.

image source: Parasilk 

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